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Before becoming a photographer I went to school for and studied graphic design. My first job as a graphic designer was with the ink company that creates the temperature changing inks for Coors Light. While working at this company, my initial boss was also head of the Research and Development there, Terry Clayton. Over the time working there I got to know Terry and his family and they’re such amazing and wonderful people. I had dinner with them on multiple occasions and Terry always had a smile on his face.

Fast forward probably close to 10 years and Crystal and Todd got engaged. They were looking for Wild Basin wedding videography and Tracey (Terry’s wife) recommended us. After some conversation it sounded like working together would be a great fit. She already had a photographer lined up so our coverage of the day would solely video.


The day started off with meeting Crystal and her bridesmaids as they began to get ready. We took the wedding dress and shoes off to get shots with them and explore the grounds a little. As we were out we also wanted to grab some drone shots of the area. While we were getting drone shots Todd and his groomsmen arrived and we greeted them. He had arrived ready and dressed with all his groomsmen and they went in to grab some drinks at the bar. We grabbed some quick shots of them toasting and then stole Todd away for some solo clips.

After that it was time for Crystal to hop in the dress and we went back down for the final touches. Once Crystal was set it was . time for the first look with her dad. They went out to the ceremony location and had their first look together with some family members. At this time guests started arriving so Crystal tucked away into the bridal suite until it was time for the ceremony. We stole Todd and the Groomsmen for some clips of them together out in the back before the ceremony began.


Todd and his groomsmen walked into the ceremony to the tune of Star Wars’ Imperial March accompanied by guests laughter. They walked from the bottom up to the top to bring in the bridesmaids and then it was time for Crystal to come down. She came down with her father and tears flowed freely from Todd, it was beautiful to watch. The ceremony was beautiful as they shared vows with one another that included tears and laughter.

After the ceremony we grabbed a group shot and the photographer got all the family shots done. Once that was done we began to walk out to the field out back where we got various clips with them. The open field was the ultimate destination and when we got there we got some beautiful clips with the mountains behind them. Along the path back was a swing we stopped at first and got some video of them being cute and happy together. With dinner fast approaching we hustled back so they could do their grand entrance.


Now it was time to eat and drink! As guests finished eating they began toasts and all of the toasts were heartfelt and beautiful. As the sun set we all moved upstairs to watch a short video a friend had put together of their journey together. Following the movie was their cake cutting and their first dance as husband and wife. Completing their first dance together, they proceeded to have the father/daughter dance and then the mother/son dance. Then, it was time to party!

It was fun to see all their guests dancing and having a blast. We stole the happy couple away for some video outside of the beautiful venue to finish off our Wild Basin wedding videography. If you’re in our beautiful home state and are looking for a videographer we’d love to talk. We’d be happy to figure out details with you to capture your beautiful day through video and celebrate with you. Contact us for a quote and let’s talk through logistics! We also highly recommend Wild Basin Lodge for your wedding in Colorado.

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