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We were quite smitten with Lucie and David when we met them for their courthouse wedding photography needs in December. Their dear friend Clémence had contacted us a couple weeks prior to their scheduled courthouse date to discuss our services. She told us she wanted to surprise the two with a wedding photographer for their special day together in Boston. Both Lucie and David are living here in the Boston area and are originally from France. While living here wanted to tie the knot before heading back to France and celebrating with their family.

When we met with them we were instantly holding back our adoration as they were such a cute couple. Everything about them we loved and their french accents had us hanging on every word. Meeting them kicked our desire to go to France into overdrive. We’re making arrangements now to learn the language and figure out how to make it happen.


David and Lucie had their parents video call in from France to watch and witness from thousands of miles away. They repeated their vows to one another with love in their eyes and sealed the deal with a kiss. As we all celebrated their unity in marriage we began back into the city for some fun and beautiful photos. We started right outside the courthouse at the Boston Winter at City Hall Plaza event. We made our way around the market and eventually found our way more toward Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. At these two locations we took photos around and in the main buildings that were beautiful.

These two were so much fun to watch as their joy for life and love for one another was obvious. Walking around the area we made our way to the archways at the Christopher Columbus Park before heading indoors to warm up at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf. The interior was gorgeous and we were nice and warm but as we weren’t guests we weren’t able to shoot for long in there. We wrapped up the session by the water and then turned around to see the beautiful city of Boston which we captured with them before calling it a day. We cherished the opportunity to work with these two and loved every minute of it.


If you’re looking to do a small and intimate wedding and would like Boston City Hall elopement photography we’d love to come along. Capturing these moments and running around the city for beautiful photos is so much fun! Contact us and tell us about your ideas for getting married and what you’d like to do for your photos!

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