Kings Dining & Entertainment

The weekend before Halloween I came into Kings Dining at the Back Bay location to grab photos while guests and staff were enjoying the venue dressed up for Halloween. The venue was lively but there were still opportunities to use lanes for photo opportunities that included bowling pins and festive decorations.

I started the night off on a lane grabbing some shots of a Kings bowling pin and a pumpkin decoration that the staff had provided. This was one of the first nights I started to feel comfortable within the venue and feeling settled into what I was doing there and it allowed me the comfort to be able to be more creative with my shots. I started using the off camera flash to enhance the lighting rather than just using the flash on camera.


Along with using the flash off camera I wanted to play with 1st and 2nd curtain flash techniques which allowed for some fun effects with lighting and movement. I worked with the staff for a bit as they prepped and made drinks to start utilizing this technique and was liking the results. I then grabbed a group who looked like they were having a good time and asked if they’d be ok with me grabbing some candid shots with them. After they finished their drinks in the bar they went bowling and I met up with them again to get some shots of them bowling. The 1st curtain flash provided a really fun and unique shot for one of the bowlers that we all loved showcasing his movement while bowling.


Highlighting your businesses holiday events is so much fun and we’d love to come to your event at your venue or 3rd party location to capture the highlights of your holiday event to share with your employees and patrons alike. Shoot us a message to talk details for your next holiday event!

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