Michael + Diana


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Getting to know Michael and Diana has been a great privilege and we’ve loved getting to spend time with them and getting to explore all of their suggestions. Michael met up with us to have some beers at a local pub in Boston and gave us several great recommendations (Five Horses Tavern for some food and Wally’s Cafe for some live jazz). We’re excited to work with them for both their New England¬†engagement photography¬†needs and for their wedding photos when we fly back to Boston next summer.

Michael and Diana graciously offered to pick me up at North Station in Boston and from there we drove in the rain up to the Middlesex Fells Reservation where we sat and debated doing their New England engagement photography shoot at all. I’d planned for the rain and brought the clear umbrella and had been dying to do some photos that were back lit with rain and a clear umbrella. After some discussion we opted to give it a whirl and see how it went and if needed we could reschedule for the following week.


They had recently explored the area and knew of some good locations for us to shoot at and we started in the middle of a wooded area that had beautiful colors all around. It was a beautiful New England engagement photography session with all the beautiful fall colors popping. They brought along their dog, Cassidy, and we were able to get photos of Cassidy and them all together as they walked through the beautiful fall colors. Cassidy would howl and bark when they Michael would pick up Diana for any sort of pose and it brought on bouts of laughter which were great for the photos.

Near the end of the session the rain started to pick up again and I figured it was a great time to whip out the umbrella and flash again, especially now that it was coming down a little more and it was darker. It made for some really great images and we’re super happy we stuck it out to get these great shots. Excited for the wedding next summer!

After spending 3 months in Boston we’re quite fond of the area and are open to any excuse to return to the area. If you’re looking for a New England engagement photography session and would like to schedule a session with us in the Boston area or anywhere else in the future we’d love to work with you for engagement photos!

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