Kings Dining & Entertainment

A few weeks following my first session with Kings Dining & Entertainment my schedule allowed for me to come back and work with Kings. I was still figuring out how to get comfortable with making the initial approach and so I started off with guests that were in the bar and staff. After a few pictures there I decided to jump in to getting pictures with guests in the bowling lanes. There had also been a few special things happening that night; they were getting ready to open a new store in the Seaport area and one of the managers was being promoted and heading over there so it was her last night and in addition to that it was mechanics day coming up so they wanted some photos with the mechanics.

After hanging out in the back mechanic area and grabbing some shots there I came back out to the main floor to grab some photos of guests bowling and shooting some hoops. I made friends with a couple at the bar and grabbed some photos with them before proceeding to find some larger groups and getting some photos of them all together. There was an aspiring rapper there that night as well with his friends and I was able to grab some photos with him before the night was through.


After getting a little more used to the setting and what I was doing I began to get a little more creative with the photos I got – if you look at the progression of all the Kings sessions you’ll notice a little more creativity with lighting as I spent more time with them. It was fun to wander around and capture photos of guests having fun playing air hockey, shooting hoops, drinking/eating, playing pool and bowling.


Loved every opportunity to be able to come in and shoot with Kings Dining and Entertainment and learned so much from this great experience. If you have some services or a store front you’d like us to come in and grab photos of, we’d love to talk with you and capture the photos you have envisioned!

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