Sawyer Family

After having their first child together, the Sawyer family transplanted to Boston to be closer to family but didn’t know the cold they were coming in to. Winter weather had set in on the east coast and it was dipping down into the high teens during the day and it’s not a kind of cold you can be warned about and be prepared for – Rachel and I still say that the east coast winter has been the coldest we’ve experienced. Not knowing many indoor locations that would be fitting for a good family session we opted to do the session outdoors at a park near them.

Everyone started in good spirits and we walked the park and got to know one another. It’s one thing I really love about getting to go all across the country doing this job, meeting new people and hearing their stories. I convinced them to go through a wooded area to get us started and we got some cute fun pictures with all of them to get things under way. The morning nap was missed so we all knew that our time was limited before the smiles ran out so we did our best to work through locations and shots quickly.


After the forest we walked down closer to the water where there were some higher reeds where we got some variations of all of them separately and even a quick few couples poses. From there we walked down the path and could tell we were losing the battle, especially after a fall while running. We spent some time trying to get him back in the game and back in the session but it was too cold and all he wanted was naps. We were able to get a few more pictures in before we all called it a day and began the trek back to the vehicles. It was so great to meet the Swayer family and we wish them the best in their new ventures in Boston!


The Boston area is filled with so many beautiful locations to do family photos and we plan to return for different sessions and events. We’d love to connect with you if you’re interested in doing a family session together! Shoot us a message and let’s talk schedules to see when we can get together!

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