Field Family

As we were coming home from Boston we were in conversation with several different families about doing sessions while we were home and we were excited to hear from Rafaela about doing a Denver family photography session together. After finishing our first family session that day we ran over to the James A. Bible park to meet up with the Field family and get our session under way. It took a little bit of time for Sofia to warm up to the idea of doing photos together, she was definitely very watchful at first and not into smiling or being away from mom. Through the session and getting to know one another though, Sofia eventually warmed up to me and the idea of taking pictures and we got some good photos with her.

We began on a bridge close by, it had some nice water in the background and was a good initial location for us to get started. Having shots with everyone together in the beginning was easy so we worked through those shots and then continued down the trail a little further until we found an open field. In this spot we got some pictures with each parent and some more group photos before going further into some higher grassed areas. This is where everyone got more settled in and we got some more variety with images, Sofia was good posing on her own, with dad and with her sister.


I like to mix things up during the session and we got pictures of everyone and different combinations of people. It was a beautiful Colorado day at the James A. Bible park and I had a great time with the Field family and getting these Denver family photography shots with them at the park.


Denver is our home and we do plan to be there in the long run but while we’re still traveling we make stops back home between and during our travel assignments. Get in touch with us and lets talk dates to see if we can make a Denver family photography session work!

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