Baby S

When my best friend told me she was pregnant, not only was I over the moon for her growing family but I knew this little girl would change my life too. When I was home in Colorado in November for Thanksgiving, I just couldn’t stop cuddling her long enough to photograph her. Therefore, when we came home in December for the holidays we planned to do a Denver newborn photography session together.

Baby S was about a month old for this shoot so she was wide awake and just getting to know the world around her. Being so close to holidays, we put baby S in a little red dress and put her in front of the Christmas tree. We got some very cute shots and she was such a calm and easy baby to work with. The outfit had some tool in it and we could tell it was getting uncomfortable – so what better excuse to put her in just a diaper and big red bow!


I love that she just looked around and pursed her lips the whole time – I can’t get enough of this sweet girl. I’m so glad that my best friend makes beautiful babies and lets me photograph them to create lovely memories.


If you’re in the Denver area, we always return home between traveling and we’d love to connect with you and talk about the newborn photos you’re desiring. We’ll always try to be home for the holidays so if you’re particularly looking for a holiday themed newborn session like this, we’d love to talk more with you and schedule a session. Contact us and let us know your due date and we can let you know if we’re going to be in the area for your timeframe. We know newborns come when they want but we’ll do out best to make it happen!

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