Kings Dining & Entertainment

The second Friday night shooting at the Seaport location with Kings Dining & Entertainment was a great night of connecting and getting to capture photos of guests having a great time together. I got to reconnect with a couple who had been there for the Industry Night at the Seaport location and get photos with them and their friends in the Tap Room. I grabbed some candids of guests watching the games on TV as well before moving from the Tap Room over to the main are of the Seaport location and noticed a group of guys playing air hockey together. It’s a 4 person table so it’s a blast to watch the chaos unfold and not too often played so I hung out with them as they played and got some fun, creative shots with backlighting.


I wandered around from there in the lanes and the bar area near the lanes and got creative photos of the draft spouts and found another group to grab photos with. They were all friends from work and after talking with them they agreed to allow me to take candid photos with them. I always enjoyed the reaction of guests after I walked up to them and ask if they’d be ok if I took their photo. It’s not a normal experience to be somewhere and have someone come up to you and ask if you’d like your photo taken but the candid shots and group shots were always very much so appreciated after I showed them how they turned out.

From there I finished up the night in the tap room and grabbed some photos of another group of friends and guests as they watched the game and talked together.


I really loved my time working Kings and really believe in the future of this company. They do a lot of things right, they’ve made a really fun environment and the culture of the business is amazing. I’d love to continue to work with them wherever I can and however I can and can’t say enough great things about the business. If you’ve got a business that you’d like some marketing photos for and would like to show off the guests and employees having a great time we’d love showcase your business through our photography services!

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