Kings Dining & Entertainment

One of my last nights doing photography with Kings Dining & Photography in Seaport, Boston was a night filled with holiday spirit and people gathered together to enjoy each other’s company. I started with grabbing a photo with the Christmas tree that they had just put up and presents that were under it. I staged the photo together to get presents, Christmas lights, a bowling pin and large Jenga blocks. There was a private party going on in the section where the tree was so I did my best to set up the scene while not disrupting the party.


From there I moved over to The Tap Room and found some groups of people to shoot with who were having a good time together. I was always looking for people who were laughing and having a good time together and it wasn’t hard to find guests enjoying themselves at Kings. I worked my way from there back toward the Jenga area where I found a group playing Jenga and grabbed a photo of the DJ who was there that night. Waiting for guests to knock over the blocks usually took a while but it always fun to grab the action shots. As Kings is a bowling alley I worked my way through the lanes getting the attention of guests and getting them together for group shots. I finished the night out by heading over to the different bar areas available and grabbing guest photos of groups.


If you have a business you’d like to get photos of for marketing purposes, we’d love to partner with you to showcase guests enjoying your location/s. Getting patrons to get together for photos and capturing them having a great time is so enjoyable on our end and we’d love to come to your location!

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