Kings Dining & Entertainment

After a busy week of shooting with Kings Dining & Entertainment and being apart of a new store opening it was time for a session at their Back Bay location in Boston, Massachusetts where it ended up being a relatively slow night as people were out at parties or trick-or-treating. With minimal guests in the location we worked with the marketing and management team to produce images that could be used for marketing and design purposes grabbing photos of staff, food and drinks. There were some of their signature drinks the manager on duty that night made for me to use for the session and about half way through we switched to inserting in some food as well.

With drinks in hand I started on the bowling lanes configuring the set how I would like it as I had free range of several bowling lanes without interrupting guests. A few shots in I thought it would be great to insert some Kings bowling pins for some of the shots. After getting a few good shots there I moved over to the lounge, which was closed down since it was so slow, that provided a great space for me to setup and shoot without being interrupted or disturbing guests.


We ordered some of the newer food items that would look pretty and the culinary team in the kitchen pushed out some beautiful (and delicious) looking food for me to use, props to them for making these shots what they are with the great looking food. I worked in the lounge with different backdrops and settings for a while grabbing combinations of drinks and foods to produce some great images.


Loved getting to work with Kings Dining & Entertainment and their Back Bay location staff to produce some great images and we’d love to work with you and your restaurant to highlight and showcase your beautiful, unique and delicious looking food! We’d love to talk to you about shooting together and we look forward to talking more with you!

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