Guzman Family

We love getting to meet new people and network, you never know what will come along or who you’ll get introduced to by taking on a job. Giovanna works for Kings Dining & Entertainment and through working with her and Kings, she got a feel for the quality of my work and invited me to take photos for her sister’s baby shower at the Best Western in Qunicy, Massachusetts. I made the trip down from Gloucester and saw the beautiful scenery when I came walking in on the riverwalk from the transit station – knew I had to have some shots in front of the water as the sun set.

I walked in to the hotel and saw that they had decorated for this event beautifully and had provided food, dessert and they even had a dance floor. Starting off I took the mother and father to be outside and we got some photos on the patio area in front of the water as the sun set behind them. It was beautiful and cold and they were filled with emotions, it was a sweet moment to watch them and share with them the photos.


From there we went back inside and I began grabbing pictures of family members and friends as they came to support the new parents to be and then just stayed ready for specific family shots that were wanted throughout the night. As we got into the night, they began to play some fun games, dance and have a good time together and it was fun to capture the special moments, emotions and highlights for theirĀ  baby shower.


We love getting to capture milestones of every nature and loved getting to highlight this night for the parents to be. If you’re pregnant and planning a baby shower, we’d love to come along and grab photos of family and friends as they come to celebrate the coming of your new addition!

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