Kings Dining & Entertainment

After getting to work with Kings Dining & Entertainment for the Mayo Bowl, this was my first regular night working at one of their locations. When I was shooting for the Mayo Bowl everyone was expecting to have their photo taken and it was still light outside where a lot of the press action was happening. Working at their Back Bay location was a whole new ball game for me; it was dark and I had to go up to people and introduce myself, start conversation and get them to be open with having me take their photo. It’s one thing when you’re doing a session and people are excited about getting their photo taken but coming up to people cold while they’re having a good time to get photos is a whole other game.

There were many challenges coming into a new environment, learning to use the lighting and flash more and approaching people to have their photo taken and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Kings because it pushes me out of my comfort zone to try new things and to get more experience with low light photography and working with complete strangers, making that initial approach.


I started off the night with a group playing Jenga, it seemed like the easiest approach as it was out in the middle of the entryway so I could come up and just start being personable without invading their space. After that I went over to where they have some pool tables set up and figured this would be another easier approach as they were all kind of in the same space so I could get away with wandering through without making it obvious or awkward. I finally made my way to the lans and found a pair of couples that were playing and having a great time, they were more than happy to let me grab photos with them.

Once that initial seal was broken it was easier to make my way into working with groups and parties that were taking place on the lanes. There was always just that initial hurdle to get over and the first 1 or 2 groups to approach – once they were done it was not as big a deal to go in and make the pitch.


I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to work with such a great company and to have had the experiences I had working in their locations. I loved getting to interact with King’s staff and guests alike and I’d love to be invited into your place of business to capture your patrons having a great time.

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