Wine Country

Napa Valley, California

When we arrived in Sacramento for our 5th travel nurse contract we knew that there were lots on our list of places to see and things to do. One of our closest friends, Heidi, was also on assignment in Sacramento and mentioned that her friend Marissa was coming to town if we wanted to join the two of them on a day trip to Napa Valley. We were all in for a day of exploring and wine so we met them up there are started off our day of winery hopping! 

The first winery on our list was Castello di Amorosa. This winery is unique as it is a beautiful castle, right when you drive up the architecture draws you in! James grabbed some pictures of the three girls at the entrance to Castello di Amorosa Winery. After we entered, we bought a ticket for a tasting and started to walk around the castle. 

This winery was gorgeous and we could easily see the appeal of this place.

There was the option to have a guided tour, but we opted for just the admission to the castle and the tasting. We enjoyed wandering the area and grabbing shots.

We saw as much of the area we could with our general admission so we headed down below the castle to do our tasting! All four of us tried a couple of wines and chatted about our favorites. Personally, I use to only drink white wine but lately, my palate has changed and I have been loving the reds! 

We walked through the gift shop and ended up buying a beautiful wine holder that had a map on the outside – it was right up our alley! After the gift shop we walked back outside and saw some chickens, James couldn’t help but grab some shots as the hair on their head was hilarious.

On the walk back to the car we noticed an area of the vineyard that you are allowed to walk through so we did a little photoshoot.

We all hopped back in the car and headed to our second destination which was Beringer Winery. When we arrived, we were told about the tour options and how they had a tour starting in 15 minutes to see the caves of the winery. We couldn’t say no to such a unique experience – plus wine 🙂 

The tour was about 30 minutes and gave lots of great information about the history of the winery and the use of the caves to store and age wine. It was a well-done tour and unique to see, although you’re only able to tour a small area.

During the tour, we got to taste different Beringer wines and hear about the flavors and notes. James knows quite a bit more about wines from previous jobs but I’m not as good as spotting the notes and flavors in wines. 

After our tour, we all agreed we were hungry and headed to the next winery.

Our next stop was V. Sattui winery which offers a beautiful outdoor picnic area where you can sit and enjoy food and wine. We all grabbed some deli sandwiches and some sides and sat down for a picnic. We did a tasting here as well, walked the gift shop and headed on our way to the next winery. 

Our last stop of the day was Robert Mondavi Winery which was personally my favorite stop of the day.

We walked in and each ordered a glass of wine and headed to the outdoor patio. This was a perfect way to end our winery day!

We sat outside, watched the sunset on the hills or vineyards and enjoyed a glass of wine together. (Of course grabbing lots of pictures as well!)

The sunset was lovely and the weather was just perfect, I couldn’t imagine a better way to finish out a day of wineries, vineyards and times with good friends. We enjoyed our last glass of wine as the winery came to a close and headed out of Napa Valley.

As we were driving down the highway, we noticed a large welcome sign and stopped to grab some pictures. The golden hour light was peaking over the hills and James grabbed some more pictures before we called it a night. 

Heidi dropped us off at our car and we made the drive back to Sacramento. We really enjoyed exploring a new area with good friends and making forever memories.


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