When in Rome

Rome, Italy

Our next stop on our European adventure and our second stop in Italy was Rome! This was honestly one of the places we were so excited to see because of the rich history and famous architecture. We checked into our Airbnb and the first thing on our to-do list was the Roman Forum. Our Airbnb host checked us in and gave us a detailed map of the city and monuments, he gave us great tips and helped us plan our entire trip! The Roman Forum was right across the street from our Airbnb and right in the center of Rome. When you arrive here you are able to buy a ticket that gives you one day at the Roman Forum and one day at the Colosseum. The Roman Forum is where public life in ancient Rome took place and holds an endless amount of history!

We wandered around for a couple of hours and really enjoyed reading into the history of these structures and when they are dated back to. The age of these structures and ruins is mind blowing!!

You could explore the Roman Forum all day and still not see it all. We made the mistake of getting in a couple of hours before closing time and ended up having to leave without seeing all we wanted to see. Although, seeing the structures and architecture during the golden hour was stunning and an unforgettable sight! 

After the Roman Forum closed we walked towards our Airbnb for dinner. Our host recommended a little pasta place nearby that he raved about. It was delicious and the best alfredo sauce I’ve ever had. After we filled up on carbs and wine, we walked over to the Trevi Fountain. 

The detail and beauty of the fountain are breathtaking and we enjoyed grabbing some pictures here. The only thing that we didn’t enjoy was the crazy amount of people here, boy was this place crowded. We did later find out that sunrise is the time to see the Trevi Fountain without the crowds. Nonetheless, we snuck in a spot and enjoyed the unique beauty of this iconic fountain.

On our night walk back to the Airbnb we grabbed some shots of the Piazza Venezia. I swear you can turn any corner and see gorgeous architecture and history, it quickly became one of my favorite parts of this city. 

We then grabbed some pictures of the Colosseum at night, which its hard to say whether this structure is more stunning during the day or all lit up at night. We sat down on a ledge and took in this huge wonder of the world together. We were feeling so grateful to be in such a beautiful city together. We then decided to call it a night and headed back to grab some rest.

The next morning we had planned to Vatican City and the Colosseum. After a quick breakfast, we started the walk to Vatican City. We had talked about taking public transit as it would be quicker but there were so many points of interest along the way that we opted to talk the long route and walk. 

We stumbled upon beautiful churches, alleys, and fountains. The picture opportunities were endless and we would stop every few minutes to grab some shots.

We arrived at Vatican City after crossing the St. Angelo Bridge which had these huge angel sculptures. 

We had discussed our options to do a tour of the Vatican but unfortunately, none of the tour options fit into our schedule. We ended up just walking around and taking in the Vatican from the outside. Side note, we also were dressed appropriately to be able to go into the Vatican. You must have your shoulders covered and pants/skirts/dresses cover to your knees!

James, Heidi and I then made our way towards options for lunch. We found the cutest little cafe with an open patio and enjoyed some pizza. I personally loved the pizza in Italy because of the thin crust and the little amount of sauce! After lunch and a full belly, we walked towards the Colosseum. We found some beautiful colorful buildings and greenery and I couldn’t help but get some photos here! 

On our road to the see, the Colosseum we stumbled upon Circus Maximus which is were chariot-racing took place in ancient Rome. I love that even though these structures were broken down and most were barely standing, they are still there to keep the history alive. 

We had finally arrived at the Colosseum after a long day of walking. While we had seen this famous wonder of the world from the outside, we were excited to see the inside and learn more about the history and story of this structure. 

We weren’t in for very long before a storm quickly rolled in and it was pouring rain. Everyone ran and scattered for the limited shelter options and the exposed areas were completely vacant. James and I love the rain and we couldn’t help but continue to enjoy the beauty of this wonder. We took there in the rain and had some very intimate and special moments together. 

We ended up grabbing some ponchos to help keep our cameras/phones dry and walked around some more.

We left the Colosseum there were these huge puddles and against most recommendations, I decided to jump in it. Why not? How many times am I going to be in Rome at the Colosseum during a rainstorm? You have to live in the moment!

Heidi was leaving that afternoon so got her packed up and walked her to the train station. After we made sure Heidi was safely on her way, James and I walked to the Spanish Steps. On our walk, some man handed James some roses and told him that he had to buy them for the “pretty girl”. His sales tactic worked and we ended up with a handful of roses. 

We enjoyed the sunset from the top and went into the Trinità dei Monti church. 

We walked down the Spanish Steps and quickly realized that this was a very popular spot and was packed with people!

James and I agreed to walk around some more until we found a spot that called our name for dinner. We ended up grabbing some of my favorite pictures of the trip as the night settled in and the buildings were lit up.

After dinner, we headed back to our Airbnb and were fulled set on calling it a night. Our Airbnb was across from an ice bar and James had mentioned trying it out. We’d never been to an ice bar before so thought what the heck! We got our big jackets on and enjoyed some cocktails in ice glasses and made friends with a couple from Wisconsin. They were so awesome that we ended up going to a few other bars together, sharing stories over drinks and having a really great time. It was such a great finish to our trip to Rome, we love getting to see new places and meet new people. 

The next day we grabbed a train to the airport and took a flight to the last destination of our European trip, Paris!

Cin cin!

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