Portland, Maine

When we first arrived in Boston, our first plan of action was to ask the people we meet and befriend what we should do while we are in the area. One of the things on this list was to make a trip up to Maine. We eventually found a free day and made our way north. We had been watching online maps about the fall foliage and tried to plan accordingly to get the best view of the changing colors. As we drove, we played it by ear and our first stop ended up being at a little lighthouse. We knew that Maine was known for these sorts of things and had to experience this area to the fullest! We walked along some tide pools, flew the drone and chatting about what was next on the agenda. James mentioned another light house up the coast that was iconic and we headed out. On our route we stumbled upon a small park with gorgeous colors and took a stroll and admired the gorgeous colors. Growing up in Colorado, I have seen some vibrant colors during the changes of the seasons, but nothing like this! Fall time in New England is gorgeous and the reds and oranges are so vibrant and stunning.  Everyone tells us that this autumn is very unusual and the colors are not as vibrant as previous years, but this just sounds like a reason to spend another fall in the New England area!

Next on our list was to see the Portland Head Light, a very iconic lighthouse just south of Portland in Cape Elizabeth. It was as beautiful as the pictures and we spent a lot of time here getting shots from the Canon as well as some GoPro shots. Sunset at Portland Head Light was absolutely stunning and we can’t wait to share all our footage when we finalize our video from this assignment. James and I had climbed down some rocks to get some shots of the lighthouse and its reflection in a small tide pool. I enjoy watching James get artistic with his shots, I swear you can see the wheels turning in his head as he works. As we watched the sunset (our favorite thing to do together) we decided that we were about due to eat some food!


I had been craving clam chowder from a bread bowl for a while, but after a little discussion we decided we needed to splurge and get some lobster. We found a great little spot with great reviews (I’m such a lover of Yelp!) and put our name on the list. Scales is mostly reservations but they were able to squeeze us in at a later time. While we waited, we walked down the main street in downtown Portland found a bar with great appetizers to warm us up for dinner. James and I sipped on some cocktails and enjoyed some lobster poutine. I definitely pride myself on opening up James to poutine when we first started dating. Its great that we both have so much to bring to the table in our relationship and our sense of adventure just lines up perfectly with each others. We then got our text that our table was ready at Scales, and we were so ready for some delicious lobster. Scales was such a fun and lively restaurant and the service and food was great. We had the best lobster we’ve ever eaten and could have easily ordered a couple more! After some debate, we opted to have dessert (which we never do) and then called it a night!

Maine was truly beautiful and we only saw just a small sliver of what that state has to offer. The fall foliage, the lighthouses and the food was very enjoyable and all in good company!


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