The Road to Washington State

Colorado to Washington State

25 hours of driving and 1,606 miles later, we have arrived in Spanaway, Washington! This is the first stop for our traveling journey and my first travel nurse assignment. We could have taken a faster route with fewer stops but we truly enjoyed the time together and the adventure. We took our first day to drive through the Rocky Mountains and make use of our road trip game, Rememory. It was refreshing to take that time to sit together and think of memories and enjoy learning and sharing stories together. We learned a lot about each other, as experiences really shape a person. After about 8 hours in the car, we made it to Salt Lake City, Utah. We were able to meet up with an old friend of mine that I had not seen in a while and she graciously took us out to dinner and let us stay with her. With a short stay in SLC, we headed out the next morning to make our way to Kennewick, Washington. James has an aunt who lives in Kennewick that he had not seen in a very long time. What a great opportunity, to utilize our relocation to connect with friends and family! Aunt Carla took us out for drinks on the Columbia River, which was beautiful. We couldn’t get enough of this huge river and walked the dogs to the river the next morning. We walked through some trees and made our way to the waterfront and found some beautiful spots for pictures. It may just have been a little pathway to the water, but we stayed there for a long time and enjoyed the new scenery.

We discussed a lot about our next move after Kennewick but knew we both needed to see the ocean. We had another day before we could check into our Airbnb and decided to spend the day driving along the Columbia River on the Oregon side and make our way to the coast. The drive was so beautiful and we put Oregon on the list of places we could potentially live (NYC still takes the cake though). We made many stops for pictures, lots of getting on and off the highway and plenty of U-turns for gorgeous spots to capture the beauty. We drove right into the setting sun and the light glowing through the Oregon trees was to die for!

Our plan was to go to Seaside, Oregon and catch the sun setting on the ocean. We hit a fork in the road that said north for Seaside or south for Cannon Beach. Last minute we turned south and decided and Cannon Beach was calling our names. Boy oh boy, did the universe lead us to a beautiful and memorable experience! We made our way to Haystack Rock and watched the sun slowly fall into the ocean. By far, my favorite part of all of this was watching the dogs enjoy the waves crashing into the beach. Boozer is naturally a water lover and of course went full throttle into the salty water, while Molly dipped her paws in the water and ran around like a mad woman. Their pure enjoyment was light on our souls! Haystack Rock was absolutely stunning at sunset and a memory we will never forget. James got to fly the drone (which always makes him light up) and we got some great shots.

After the sun had set on the water; we realized we were wet, cold and hungry. Found ourselves a nice little brewery, shoved our faces with seafood and found a motel just north to crash for the night. The next morning we headed out and made the short trip to our final destination of Spanaway, Washington.

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