The City of Angels

Los Angeles, California

We had booked an engagement session in Los Angeles and decided to pack up the Subaru make a trip of it. We made a list of things to do, places to see and food to eat in the area. Top of the list was: Disneyland and lots of food!

We had arrived in LA on Sunday evening and the first thing we did was check into our Airbnb. After settling in, we headed out to grab some food and see Urban Light at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Its this stunning sculpture in the city that is basically a forest of street lights that once were used in the city of LA. We arrived here and quickly realized that it was a popular spot – this place was packed! We sat on the sidelines and people watched for a little, even noticed a darling couple who were expecting and helped them capture this moment in time. We decided to go around the corner to a small pub and grab a drink or two and let the crowds die down. We ended up enjoying a couple ciders and playing darts! I have never played darts and James was a little rusty. Luckily another guy in the bar gave us some pointers and we were off! I won the first round and danced around the bar in pride, shortly after I found myself losing the following games – LOL! After our fix of bar games, we tried our luck at Urban Light again. The crowds had significantly died down and we grabbed some fun shots around the iconic art sculpture.

The following day we decided to play it by ear and explore until the engagement session in the evening. We headed to Venice Beach and walked the boardwalk while admiring the little shops and all the art. We grabbed a quick bite to eat, sat and people watched and discussed our next move.

We saw a sign that said Santa Monica Pier was not too far, but mapping it out we thought we might not have the time to walk there and back to the car. Lucky for us, we saw these rental scooters, called “Bird”, all over the boardwalk. All we had to do was download an app, enter our info, scan the scooter and away we went. This was such a blast, definitely a fun way to change things up and have some fun. We got to the pier and walked around, admiring the shops and the rides. The weather was perfect and we stood on the end of the pier and enjoyed the coastline and the ocean.

Time was cutting us short here, so we hopped back on some scooters and found our way back to the car. It’s interesting that you can just pick them up and drop them off wherever, seems like it could cause problems. It seems to be working, for now, so I’ll let someone else worry about that one.

We sat in California traffic for way too long just to get to the engagement shoot, but was so relieved to work with two great people and their handsome horse! As we were wrapping up the session, we mentioned that we were headed to dinner afterward and the couple gave us a suggestion for their favorite restaurant nearby, MidiCi. They recommended this casual Italian joint and said we MUST get the dessert calzone. We headed to dinner, enjoyed some pizza and wine and finished our meal with a dessert calzone. Ohhh boy – yum! A very unique and yummy dish to finish off our meal.

The following day was dedicated to Disneyland and all things Disney. We woke up in the morning, made a quick breakfast and hit the road to Anaheim. We got to Disney and made a game plan of rides we wanted to get in and what rides we should get a fast pass for. First on the list was The Haunted Mansion! While we waited in line, we downloaded the Disneyland app. This was such a useful tool to have in the park. The app has a map, tells you the wait times for rides, keeps your e-ticket for the park and fast passes, as well as any reservations you may have.

After Haunted Mansion, we grabbed a fast pass for Matterhorn and headed to get in as many rides as possible. We rode Alice in Wonderland, It’s a Small World and the Matterhorn before grabbing some food. We had such a fun time shopping, eating and enjoying the nostalgia of Disneyland. We even got the silhouette cut outs done. The talent of the woman who did them was amazing, and the process only took minutes!

We rode Hyperspace Mountain, Peter Pan and Finding Nemo. We had fast passes for Indiana Jones but had some time to kill before then so we grabbed a turkey leg and corn on the cob and ate while we waited to ride the Haunted Mansion again. We then went on the Storybook Land ride and enjoyed hearing about all the stories and the romantic boat ride. We had a couple minutes left before Indiana Jones and did the walk through Tarzan attraction. This day was so packing with fun we didn’t even realize that we were walking so much! I’m glad we go to ride the Indiana Jones ride before they stopped letting people on because this ride is so much fun. Indiana Jones is one ride I remember going on as a kid and thinking it felt so real and even scary, it was great to experience it again as an adult.

After we rode all the rides on our list, we headed to the Blue Bayou for dinner. We had made reservations for a late dinner which were so easy to pull up on the Disneyland app. This restaurant was so fun and the ambiance was just perfect. If you haven’t been or heard of the Blue Bayou, its a restaurant in Disneyland that has Cajun and Creole inspired dishes and is set like you’re having a romantic candle lit dinner on the waterfront of a bayou. We enjoyed the crab hush puppies, the rib-eye and the salmon. All of these dishes were delicious and so filling! This place can be a bit pricey, but you truly are paying for the experience.

After dinner, we slowly made our way our of the park and grabbing some shots of the castle lit up and the main street full of lights. We were very tired by the end of the day and couldn’t wait to crawl into bed.

The following day we packed up the car and the dogs and made our drive back to San Diego. We had such a great time experiencing Los Angeles and know we just got a small taste for this city. Who knows, maybe our travels will bring us back here again soon!


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