The Centennial State


Home sweet home.

When we first started traveling, I got homesick often and craved being back in Denver. It took me some time to realize that home is more than just a place, its a feeling. While Colorado still holds my heart, it’s such an amazing opportunity to travel and explore!

When we finished our assignment in Boston, we hurried back to Denver to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends. I was having a hard time being in a place without holiday decor and family around, so it was so great that we were able to come home during this time. We spent December 23rd and Christmas Day with family, enjoying delicious food and great company. On Christmas Day, we went to my parents house to have brunch and do presents. One thing I pride myself on, I’m a very thoughtful gift giver. I love watching my family open gifts that surprise them and fill them with joy, that truly makes my heart glow! After brunch, everyone had gone their separate ways but James and I stayed to played games with my parents. My mom and dad always have the best games and they are so fun to play with! On Christmas Eve, James and I just sat around in our pajamas watching Christmas movies, eating chili and enjoying a bottle of wine we got in Canada (Church and State Wines). I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend the holidays!


James and I had been in a little bit of funk due to stress of moving and being so busy. We sat down and discussed what we needed to do to show our relationship some TLC – communication is key! After a little discussion we decided that we were going to get ready, buy a case of champagne and do a fun photo shoot for New Years of us spraying champagne.

Holy crap – this was a BLAST! We had so much fun just spraying champagne all over the place, laughing until our bellies hurt and doing what we love – photography. James talked me into going first and I spent the entire time laughing because I had no idea how easy and fun it was to just get crazy and spray a bottle of champagne all over the place. This was exactly what we needed, to spend time together and just enjoy life. Its so important to know what your relationship needs and how to nurture it. If you ever have a chance to spray a bottle of champagne, do it and I promise you won’t regret it!

It was so bittersweet to be home – not only did we spend our time with family and friends but we also had so many photography sessions in the books! Everyday was packed and filled with things to do and people to see.

The last week of our time back home, my best friend Jess came into town from Texas. A little back story, Jess was a traveling NICU nurse at Denver Health about a year ago and we became instant best friends. We had been chatting back and forth for a year trying to make schedules match in order to see each other. Finally, we were able to be together again!

Jess is one of those people that my soul just connected with – we truly are long lost sisters. When she first got into town we decided that we were going to go all out for New Years, which meant SHOPPING! We hit the mall and found adorable dresses, cute shoes and even booked a make-up artist to glam us up on NYE. After a successful day at the mall, we went to Tacos Tequila Whiskey and enjoyed amazing tacos and even introduced Jess to a paloma (James still isn’t a fan of paloma’s since the last one was in Tacoma, WA and the mezcal was way too smoky).

The following day, we attempted to go into the mountains to tour Coors and ice skate on a frozen lake. Thank goodness this girl is a “go with the flow” person and totally understood when plans changed. Since the world had a different plan for us, we ended up at a cute gluten free brewery in Golden followed by a nice drive through Evergreen (hey, life happens!).

The following day was NYE, Jess and I went and got our make-up done by one of my friends. Jess had never had her make-up done professionally and it was so great to help her treat herself like royalty. Side note, if anyone in Denver needs a make-up artist for any reason then Brooke Rock is your girl (Instagram: @brookerockbeauty)! After getting beautiful, we went home to finish getting ready for the evening. We didn’t even have big plans for NYE, we were just going to a friend’s house party but we still enjoyed having girl time and there’s no reason not to spoil yourself. We had such a good time with friends that night and I had the best New Years kiss 😉

On New Year’s Day we slept in and then hit the road to the mountains. We stayed in a friends cabin in Silverthorne and planned for a day of snowboarding together . We got up to the cabin and enjoyed some games and drinks next to the fire – it was absolutely perfect! We grabbed some pictures outside with the gorgeous scenery before the sun had set…because we just can’t ever have enough photos!

Later that evening we went into Dillon to see the ice castles! We kept seeing information about the ice castles and we follow a handful of people that shared some gorgeous photos. We enjoyed the time we spent here and it was very interesting to see. Although, we weren’t convinced it was worth the money and it was much smaller than we had envisioned. It was still very unique and we would have loved for the experience to include more information about the process used to make the ice castles.

The next day we woke up and went up to Keystone to snowboard for the day. Boy, was my heart happy on that mountain! Snowboarding truly is therapy for us and we had such a good time on the slopes, even though the snow wasn’t great. Jess had never been snowboarding and so we got to spend some time helping her learn while enjoying some Bloody Mary’s to ease the pain.

After spending all day on the mountain we escaped back to the cabin and relaxed for the rest of the evening. There really is nothing better after a long day of boarding than to relax on the couch by the fire with good company! The following day we came back to Denver and did some little things here and there with Jess before she went back to Texas. It was so great to have her in town and I really am thankful that traveling brought us together.

Jess soon had to leave to go back home and it was so hard to say goodbye! We’re so lucky that we have such amazing friends that are willing to stick with us through it all.

As we were closing our trip in Denver we had to prepare ourselves for our next adventure, Ohio! To finish out our time, I had a craft and cocktail date with my sister at Upstairs Circus. My sister made a bracelet and I made a dog collar and we enjoyed yummy drinks in a fun atmosphere. We then had cocktails with my sister and brother-in-law, which is always a great time as they are amazing company! James and I left from my sisters and had dinner with my parents at the Yard House. I really love spending time with my parents and all four of us together really makes for a great time. Our time was over here in Denver, but we will be back soon! We truly love coming home, seeing friends and family, doing shoots and enjoying our own bed. (I think that’s truly the one thing that really is hard about traveling, sleeping in different beds — oh and not having our squatty potty 😉 )

On to our next adventure, cheers!

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