PaNhia + Zach


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Colorado is such a beautiful state and we love getting to explore our home area. Between travel contracts we were planning to be home for the holidays and take a few months off. During this time we’d been in touch with PaNhia and Zach. We had worked out to shoot together for their Lost Gulch Overlook engagement photography needs. Between snowboarding trips and flights out to shoot a wedding in Florida we were able to make schedules work together. Our first stop was to meet with them at the University of Colorado’s Boulder campus. It was mid winter so the campus and the mountains were just perfectly covered in snow.

We always love getting to know couples during the shoot together. Learning how a couple met and what drew them to each other is always such a unique story. It’s fun to hear the different paths that bring people together. While we were talking and walking around the campus we got some fun introductory shots together. Our favorites here on campus were when they were leaning against a tree together and just laughing with one another. Their love and joy with each other was on display and it was so fun to capture these moments.


A couple of buildings we walked around and tried photos together in various locations. There were stairs leading to dorms we did some photos on and another building I had them stand in front. As we continued we knew we had to wrap up at this location. We wanted to make sure we were at our next location before the sun set behind the rockies.

They lead the way and I followed as we made our way up the mountain chasing sunlight. As we drove up I could see the light sneaking across the plains and catching the tips of the evergreens. We arrived and parked as the sun had peeked behind some clouds. We got everything ready and just as we were about to start in toward the lost gulch overlook the sun came out. It beamed through the trees and we got some beautiful photos with the snow everywhere and the light shining in just perfectly.


We walked around the vista and made our way through feet of snow in some areas. There were a handful of beautiful locations up at this lookout and the sun mostly cooperated. Between the sun going behind some clouds we would change positions and find new areas to shoot. PaNhia and Zach were such troopers – it was cold and with the sun going in and out it wasn’t getting any better. I had them drudging through snow to find the perfect spots for the shots and they jumped right in for the shots.

As we began to lose the direct sun behind the mountains we snuck out to the main road before we lost all the light. I had them stand in the middle of the road to capture just a few more shots before it started to get dark. On the way back up to the parking lot I wanted to get into the trees a little more and we opted to go off the road. Little did we know that the snow banks were filling the deep pits that were on either side. We fell in a little and in some places it was knee/waste high.  This Lost Gulch Overlook engagement photography session with PaNhia and Zach was so fun and we are excited for the future for them together. If you’re in the Boulder area and would like some engagement photos we’d love to talk details with you!

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