Positano, Italy

Our next stop on our European adventure was Italia! We took an overnight train from Munich, Germany to Arezzo, Italy. Once we got off at Arezzo, we realized that our train was late getting in and that caused us to miss our connecting train. We ended up grabbing some snacks from the train station and waiting for another train. After an hour or so we got on the next train which took us to Naples. This trip was so fast as it was a high-speed train and goes up to 160mph! Once we arrived in Naples, we had to take a bus to the ferry port. When you get on the bus, you pay for a ticket but it is very important that you use the machine on the bus to stamp this ticket. As the bus packed full (like can’t even move) of people, we noticed a man checking tickets. If the tickets weren’t snapped, he was giving out fines! After a hot, humid and packed bus ride, we arrived at the ferry port where we bought tickets to take a ferry to Sorrento. We got here a bit early and waiting for our friend Heidi who was flying all the way from California to meet us. Once she arrived, we were so excited to get the adventures rolling! After a short ride on the ferry we walked ourselves to the bus stop and from here took a bus ride to Positano. 

Two trains, a bus, a ferry, a walk, another bus, and another walk…we arrived in Positano!!

We chose this village because of its picturesque views and beauty. When Heidi and I talked about where to go in Italy, this was top of the list and I promise this village does not disappoint! 

After we cleaned up and dropped our bags off at our hotel we headed out for a snack and drinks. Heidi had heard about a restaurant with a beautiful patio with cocktails and we found our way through the windy stairs of Positano. This city gets exhausting very quick and its build on a hill off the water. The humidity and the stairs were kicking our butts these couple days here.

After we felt rejuvenated with snacks and drinks, we made our way down to the water to take in all the views. We found a couple of shops and enjoyed the Italian vibes. 

After a long day of travel and taking in our new location, we were ready for dinner and bed. We stopped for dinner at this restaurant near our hotel. It was so different as we sat outdoors and across the street from the restaurant at a table, we had cars driving right next to us while we ate! We all ordered pizza and a bottle of wine and enjoyed every bite and every drop. Its 110% true, pizza and wine is better in Italy!

The following morning, we ate breakfast at our hotel as it offered free breakfast. This time we stayed in a hotel (which we usually don’t do) but the prices were better and we liked the perk of breakfast being included. Afterwards, threw on our swimming suits and headed to the beach! We grabbed a spot on the rocky beach and enjoyed the warm sun and the salty water. The sunshine and water wore us out and we were ready for food and drinks. We ate lunch at this spot right along the beach and enjoyed some delicious pasta dishes. We were ready for a cool shower and to clean up so we made the hike back up the hills to our hotel.

All three of us were ready and we decided to grab some pictures on our cute little balcony in our hotel room. This was so much fun and we got some really great shots here! 

James decided he wanted to fly the drone off the balcony and get a view of the Amalfi Coast from above. He got the drone up and out and the views were amazing, we were all so excited. The drone started to beep saying low battery so he brought it back towards the hotel balcony when the avoidance sensors went off and it wouldn’t let him fly it any closer to the building. Panic set in for all of us (I think I was just covering my eyes) and James was such a quick thinker. He turned the drone around and backed it into the hotel room through the balcony doors as this bypassed the avoidance sensors. The drone landed safely on our living room floor and we all cheered with joy. This was an intense moment and we were all so relieved to know the drone could live on!

After we looked at all our shots, enjoyed a couple of bottles of wine and laughed ourselves silly we made friends with our neighbors. They were a lovely couple from Australia, Miranda, and Greg, and after chatting on our balconies for a while we all decided to continue our conversation over dinner. 

We headed down toward the water and found a restaurant we could all enjoy, Chez Black, and got a table right away. After some delicious seafood and pasta, the Australian couple had mentioned a night club that was in a cave. It sounded so unique so we walked along the boardwalk to Music on the Rocks.  We stopped here and got some pictures on the walkway with the buildings all lit up. 

When we arrived at Music on the Rocks they let us know that the men were not allowed in because they were wearing flip flops. Heidi, Miranda and I all agreed we wanted to go in and see it because it was so unique. James and Greg stayed at a bar on the beach and us girls headed into the cave! We went in, grabbed a round of drinks and walked around the bar to see all the there was to see. We got there fairly early in the night and the staff notified us that the “party” didn’t start until after 9 pm. We agreed we had come, seen and we were ready to go meet back up with James and Greg. We found these two making friends at the bar and laughing over cocktails. Heidi, Miranda and I all joined in and after a while here we made a long walk back to our hotel. What an amazing night!

The next morning we woke up and slowly made our way to the bus stop to start the journey to Rome! We loved Positano and we definitely could have spent more time here as we just brushed the surface of this quaint village on the Amalfi Coast!


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