Yamileth Alanis

Indianapolis, Indiana

After working with Taeiah and in Indianapolis for their cheerleader senior portraits session, they recommended us for another session. A team mate who was there in Indianapolis with them for the competition was interested in a session as well. They were staying longer and wanted to schedule a session in with us before they went back home to Texas. Checking the forecast it was supposed to snow in Indianapolis and we opted for a mostly indoor session together. This time we assumed the Artsgarden wouldn’t be filled and opted to meet and start our session there.

After finding one another in the Artsgarden, we got under way with our session by grabbing some shots on the staircase and in front of the big glass structuring that makes up the Artsgarden. Once we’d gotten some good shots there we walked over to the PNC Center for some more shots. We began on the 2nd floor near the main entrance and got some shots before heading down and outside to get a few outdoor pictures. It was cold out so we didn’t stay out long before heading back inside to warm up. From there we walked around and grabbed some shots indoors before heading back outside again where I had Yamileth pose in the street for some shots. Before heading back inside I stopped to have us grab some shots of a covered entry way just as some light snow had begun to come down.


Our session concluded back inside in one of the walkway tunnels that connect all the buildings there. It was a lot of fun to work with Yamileth and we loved getting these shots with her!


If we’re in your area and you’d like some cheerleader senior portraits done with us, we’d love to talk more! Shoot us a message and let’s set up a time to work together!