Virginia + Lewis

Granada Hills, California

With Lewis being a professional photographer they set out to find a photographer on Craigslist. We found their ad and immediately replied with our services hoping to hear back from them. From over 200 responses they got they selected us with the engagement session being the trial run. We knew this would be a rather fun Los Angeles engagement photography session as Virginia wanted to include her horse, Nashville. Rachel and I drove up from San Diego to meet with them in Granada Hills where Virginia boards her horse.

We began the session by walking up the hill across the road which provided a beautiful overlook of the mountains in the area. As they posed and kissed one another the scene was stunning and we were so happy to be there. While walking around the area on the overlook we were able to capture some more beautiful photos with them.


From there we went down into the valley for another beautiful spot for photos with them. First stop was a beautiful pathway covered in trees where we got some great shots with them. In addition to the pathway there was a field next to the path that provided our next spot as we had them sit and kiss with Nashville. We then had Virginia sit up on Nashville, without a saddle, for some more photos before heading back up. Our session concluded together after we stopped in an alley for a few last minute photos.

While we’re in San Diego, CA we would love to come back up to Los Angeles for more sessions. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles engagement photography session we’d love to hear from you! Wherever we are located we usually end up returning to locations for weddings and would love to come back to LA. Contact us with your wedding details – we’d love to be considered for your special day.


If you have a horse and would like to do an equine engagement photography session please let us know when you contact us! Granda Hills, California is a beautiful setting and we’d love to be considered for your Los Angeles engagement photography session!