Victoria + Caleb

Olympia, Washington

Victoria found our listing on Craigslist while we were promoting our sessions in the area and was wanting to do a sibling session with her and her brother as a Father’s Day gift. After some questions and discussion we landed on shooting at the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge about half an hour southwest from where we are staying. With the date set and the location locked in, we met just before sunset to grab photos of them both together and individually throughout the park.

When we researched the location there was one spot in particular I had wanted to shoot at/near which was the pair of barns on the refuge. When we first arrived we walked straight out to the field next to the parking lot where I had found some tall, beautiful grass/wheat like plants to shoot in and I had them stand in the grass together and pose together. They were a fun pair and their personalities came out right away with each of them teasing one another as siblings do and harassing one another. There was hitting and smacking and laughter as we proceeded through the shoot and it was fun capturing their personalities throughout the session.


From there we ventured over to the barn area where we proceeded to get pictures next to the barn, on the barn (as Caleb climbed the side of it) and inside it (as we ended up inside somehow). Majority of these shots were individual shots and this is where we got the majority of our favorite pictures from this session. It was great getting to know them in this time and we wrapped up the shoot by walking out to the piers and grabbing a few last shots as the sun set behind the mountains.


We love getting to explore new areas and this spot was beautiful with a number of beautiful areas to shoot at. This sibling session was the first of it’s kind for us and we’d love to continue to showcase the special bond between siblings in future sessions. If you’re looking to get updated sibling photos we’d love the opportunity to talk with you and get the shots you’re looking for!