Troy Family

Colorado Springs, Colorado

After the Troy family’s engagement, wedding and maternity photo sessions – we HAD to help them welcome in their new addition with a newborn photography session. We were invited over to their home shortly after the birth while both grand mothers were there in town helping to support their children. We started in the basement while attempting to get some more standard newborn portraits with David Alexander in a glove and baseball and quickly found it was harder than everyone makes it look.

He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of the baseball concept and was pretty fussy but we managed a few good shots of the scene before he was whisked away to be fed and calmed. Once he was back asleep we were able to continue the session throughout the Troy’s home. We did some on the main floor with the sunlight coming in with both mom and dad and then continued up to the nursery where we got some more of him and his mom. After a bit we went to try downstairs again with the glove but he still wasn’t feeling it. So from there we went back to the main floor and grabbed photos with both grandmothers.


It was such an honor to be invited into the Troy family and their whole experience as they grew from couple to family. We love opportunities like this that we can make where we get to partner with a family and chronicle their growth through the years.


Whether you’re looking for more posed newborn sessions or more lifestyle type shots such as these, we’d love to help you welcome your new addition and show off your newborn baby with some beautiful photography. They grow up fast and you’re going to want pictures that capture this moment that you can share with family and friends alike. Contact us and let’s set a date to capture your newborn’s photos!