Trisha Harrington

Tacoma, Washington

Trisha contacted us after seeing our Craigslist special to have us do her professional headshots for her recent transition into real estate. She had been in the retail space for some time and decided it was time for a move over to the real estate industry. After getting her license and some recent success she wanted to have some more professional headshots of herself for her business promotional pieces, which is where we came in.

We’d scheduled to meet at one location and quickly discovered that we’d miscommunicated and were at different beach areas around the Tacoma area. After some discussion it was decided I’d come to her location at point defiance as that is the area she’d be working with. After I made my way over to her and we met we were off to a great headshots session where we grabbed shots around the pier to start. It took a minute to get settled into it but once we were rolling it all fell together naturally and we were able to start with some great shots.


From there we moved over into a little forested area where we grabbed a few more photos and then decided to walk up the road a bit to find the next location with a sort of mild tunnel to work in front of. We worked together here in this location for a bit before grabbing our vehicles and moving up the road a bit to a flower garden area there at Defiance Point where we grabbed a few artistic shots and some more backyard feeling portraits.


It was a great experience with Trisha grabbing these real estate headshot photos for her and we’d love to work with you to get some professional portraits done for your professional and/or real estate marketing needs. We’d love to chat and setup a session, feel free to email us or call us to talk details!