Tatjana Birthday

Portland, Oregon

Celebrating birthdays can be a big deal, especially a milestone birthday like 40. Tatjana got in touch with us and wanted a fun little birthday shoot with her and her family on her birthday to commemorate the day! They were a couple hours away in Portland but we figured we’d love to explore the city of Portland while we were here in the Pacific Northwest and decided to come down into the city to provide her with some fun photos. The initial plan was to meet at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall but when we arrived it appeared to be closed – so we improvised and before they arrived I scouted out the area and found some good locations to utilize.

First we made out way over to the courthouse steps where we wanted to start with just her and the balloons. The balloons were so fun and pretty and on a windy day, quite unruly. After that we brought in the family and grabbed some on the steps there before heading up the street to the next location in front of the Dolores Winningstead Theatre where we were able to get some couples photos as well as family shots.


After that location we kind of wandered a little and found a fun little bar (which we later came back to for drinks and they have an amazing bruschetta appetizer) called Barlow where we shot out front. On the patio area outside we had her bring out her cake and we grabbed some fun photos of them all enjoying the cake together and celebrating Tatjana. Before leaving that spot we had them pose in front of the doorway with the lights showing through.

We finished the session in a little entry corridor with the family and Tatjana holding the balloons. We had a great time getting to know them and shooting with them for these fun birthday photos!


Portland is a great little city and we’d welcome the opportunity to return and capture some more photos there. We loved getting to celebrate Tatjana and showcase this milestone in her life and we’d love to work with you if you have an upcoming birthday that you’d like to remember. Feel free to get in touch with us to talk plans!