Taeiah Senegal

Indianapolis, Indiana

Arriving here in Dayton, OH we began to market in all the major cities in our area, from Cincinnati to Indianapolis (and of course more locally like Dayton and Columbus). Taeiah’s mother asked if we’d be open to coming to Indianapolis to do some cheerleader senior portraits. They were in town together for a cheerleading competition and wanted some different scenery for her portraits. We hadn’t yet been to Indianapolis and wanted to get some more shots for our senior portrait portfolio so we agreed to make the drive into Indianapolis to shoot with them!

It was raining the day of and luckily we had looked at the forecast to know it was going to rain. Our cheerleader senior portrait session was all planned to be indoor and we started off at the Indianapolis central library. The central library in Indianapolis is a beautiful indoor location and great for some indoor photos. We started in the main lobby where we were able to grab some fun photos. We then went up to the top floor to get shots with some more cheerleader type poses. Taeiah was great as she was willing to jump up on desks, do some stretches and jump into any pose. Moving back to the main floor we had her do some more cheerleader related posing. From there we were off to continue our session at the ArtsGarden.


The ArtsGraden had an event going on so we moved to the PNC Center to wrap up our session together. The PNC Center was filled with great lighting and an open forum for us and capture some great photos. One of our favorite spots was at an empty bar area and a private library section. It was great to meet and work with Taeiah and her mother and we’re excited about getting down to Texas to work with them more!


Getting to work with seniors moving on to their next stage of life is a great honor. We’d love to help you celebrate this special transition in life with you or your senior. If you’re a cheerleader, or any other type of athlete, and would like to schedule a cheerleader senior portraits session we’d love to work with and showcase you!