Michele + Adam

Edmonton, Alberta

While in Ohio for one of Rachel’s travel NICU nurse contracts, we had gotten in touch with Adam. The conversation started out great and of course with some reservations. We were still in the process of getting our business up and running and we didn’t have much to show on our website and in terms of reviews. It was our business approach and personality that won them over and we took several further steps to give them some security they were looking for. After sending over a photo of my ID and having a phone call or two they were in!

One of our other weddings we’d booked over the summer was to take place in NYC. The original plan was to go with them after their wedding to Europe on their honeymoon for a few weeks. About a month before their wedding they called it off but we still went to Europe. Rachel and I had the time of our lives and you can check out our adventures to see more from that trip. The Europe trip ended in Paris and we had a few days there before flying back to North America. We flew from Paris to Boston, Boston to Laguardia, Laguardia to Toronto and Toronto to Edmonton… all in a day. There was running through airports and sleepless hours on the plane but we made it!


When we arrived in Canada it was cold and rainy and we were so excited to there. Michel and Adam looked like such a beautiful and fun couple and we were so excited to meet them. We got to meet Michele first at her Aunt + Uncle’s house where she was getting ready with her bridesmaids. Everyone was busy getting ready but we got to get to know them and Michele’s family members and had a great time with them.

Once Rachel was settled there I went over to meet up with Adam who was getting ready at one of his groomsmen’s homes. His home was beautiful and we spent the first 10-15 minutes touring his new home – beautiful. The guys and gals got themselves all ready and both took limousines from their getting ready locations into the city. We coordinated around each other and went to the same locations at different times. During this time we got some beautiful photos with them individually and with their bridal parties.


Once we’d toured around the city a bit and gotten some good photos (and had a few beers) we made our way to the wedding venue. The men arrived first and we got them all squared away as we awaited Michele’s arrival. Once she was there everyone took their places and the ceremony began.

One of our favorite parts of the ceremony is watching the groom see his bride walk down the aisle to him. It typically includes a lot of smiles and tears and Adam was full of both. The love they have for one another radiated and you could feel the love they had for one another. Immediately after they were announced husband and wife they sat to sign the marriage license and it was official, they were Mr. and Mrs.

After the ceremony had concluded we got pictures with them and family as the sun began to set. We used the same location for pictures with the whole bridal party before stealing Michele + Adam away. Our first spot was a beautiful green walkway surrounded by trees. We didn’t stay long as Michele was not a fan of the bugs – there were a lot of them and they were definitely attracted to her.

While we had both of them we took some photos in front of their venue and found beautiful backdrops to place them in. They had beer pong set up on the side patio area and we got some fun pictures of them playing together. There were a few more photos we took of just the two of them before they were ready to do their grand entrance.


After their introductions food was served and we got to sit with a table full of long time family friends of the bride and groom. Once everyone had gotten their fill, the toasts began. These were some of the best toasts we’ve ever heard. If we handed out awards for to our weddings – these guys would definitely get the best speech award. There were tears, there were laughs and there was heartfelt connection. There was guitar playing and original songs played for them, a whacky and hilarious video montage and endless amounts of smiles (my cheeks hurt afterward from the laughter).

The bride and groom from their made their toast to their congregation of family and friends and that too was full of smiles and tears. From there we were into first dances with the bride and groom and parents and off we went into dancing and drinking the night away! Before it got too late into the night we stole the bride and groom away for some beautiful shots around the building. We’d looked around the venue while they were dancing and found some fun spots. After we’d gotten the photos we’d planned out we danced and drank the night away with them!

We absolutely adored this couple and they are such a fun and genuine couple. Stay tuned because we’re flying back up to Edmonton in the near future to hang out with these guys again and probably take more photos of them because… well… they’re just such a beautiful and amazing couple, inside and out. Cheers to Michele and Adam – congratulations!