Megan + Ryan

Seattle, Washington

This sweet Canadian couple got in touch with us for a couples session in Seattle, Washington and as we got to know them we found they had a fun and unique thing they did when they travelled together – they got a photo session done together. In place of selfies in fun and unique places they visited, they have a photographer grab photos of them that show off their love for one another in the unique location they’re visiting. We loved the idea and we’re so glad they selected us for their excursion to Seattle and we opted to shoot together around and near some of the iconic spots in Seattle; The Seattle Great Wheel and Pike Place Market.

With over 100 fires burning in Canada, the skies had been filled with smoke all along the north western area making the skies hazy and turning the sun red as it set. As we met at The Seattle Great Wheel the sun was already beginning to lose it’s potency behind the thick smoke layer. We started off with shooting outside the Seattle Aquarium which gave us a nice backdrop with The Seattle Great Wheel as well as a really pretty blue wall with some good windows for reflections. From there we found our way up to the gum wall right below Pike Place and grabbed a few quick shots. As it was fairly crowded there we continued up to the Pike Place Market where I crossed the street and laid down on the road to grab them in front of the iconic market sign.


With all the shots closed inside the Pike Place Market, we grabbed a few shots inside and worked our way outside to grab a few more pictures on the patio/overlook with the Seattle Great Wheel lit up and further back in the distance. Our session finished as we made our way back through a new addition to the market and into the streets where we got my favorite shots of the session. It was such a privilege to get to work with them and get to know them – we’re definitely hoping our paths cross again whether for their wedding or some other travel experience!


Pike Place is one of the more iconic location in Seattle and we were so happy to be able to shoot there with this couple. If you love these shots and want to have us capture you at iconic locations in your area, we’d love to talk and schedule a session with you!