Macy + Bradley

Berg Eltz, Germany

Arriving in Germany we knew we were going to have a lot of great settings for photoshoots. For the first month here we didn’t push to do shoots. I was backed up on editing and posting session to our website. There’s also the licensing stuff that you have to get in place before shooting here. I had close to 100 sessions between our 2 brands that needed to be added. 

As we got closer to getting caught up (as of posting this there’s still close to 20 sessions to add to each) we decided to do a giveaway. We did a giveaway for 2 sessions for both brands. This was the first we could get to schedule with Macy + Bradley. We were so excited for this Eltz Castle couples photos session. Part of the stipulation to winning the session was that they had to wear traditional attire, a dirndl and lederhosen.


There’s a lot of castles in the area and we’re excited to visit all of them. Eltz Castle, or Burg Eltz, was the first one I had the opportunity to visit while in Germany. Leading up to the session the weather had turned to Germany’s winter weather, cold and rainy – constantly. I was watching the weather like a hawk and knew that it would change. Everyone I’d talked to said the weather here and the rain is very unpredictable. They were right.

I dropped Rachel off at the hospital for her shift that day and went straight to Burg Eltz. It was a 2 hour drive with off an on rain throughout. When I got there it was €2 to park and I began to walk up the road. There was a shuttle that will pick you up and drop you off but I opted to walk down – the first of many trips up and down this hill. The first turn you come to has a shrine with Jesus on the cross enclosed in it. Behind that is your first real view of Eltz Castle, it’s stunning. 


I arrived at Castle Eltz around 8:30am and there were very few tourists around. It was quiet and peaceful, the mountains breathed myst through the trees as the rain fell. It was ominous and peaceful all at the same time. I wanted to scout the area as much as possible and had 4 hours until my first session would arrive. I first hiked down and to the left where there was a bridge and shallow river, Elzbach. From there the trail split and I took the high road which ended up curving back around to the cliffs overlooking Eltz Castle. There was a bench and several beautiful overlooks that caught my attention.

From there I scaled down the mountain, which would later be where we would come up, to the bottom. I did some more exploring to the north side of the castle before heading up the hill. This hill is not easily climbed back up, I would suggest taking the shuttle back up for €2. After completing the first shoot I again climbed back up this hill to meet with Macy and Bradley.


We made stops on the way down, first at the switchback that had a nice overlook of the castle. I’d recommend walking down because the shuttle won’t stop here and it’s a little bit of a hike up from the bottom – worth a stop. From there we continued down and made another stop a little closer to the bridge. This spot you can get to a little easier if you take the shuttle down. 

At this time there were more tourists on the bridge so we opted to head down to the field. This took a little bit of falling and running through the forest to get to, it’s not crazy to get down to but it wasn’t easy and there were ticks. If you don’t know me, I don’t get along with ticks and once I know they’re around every itch in my head is a tick.

They had brought along some mugs and steins to pour beer into as well as some pretzels. This seemed like the perfect place to grab some shots with pretzels and drinking beer! Wrapping up the beer portion we decided it would be fun to cheers the glasses really hard together so beer spilled out. We got some good ones bet kept going until Macy’s mug chipped. We knew the next cheers would shatter her glass – and we all knew it would make for a great photo. So we did it.

From there we scaled up the side of the mountain I had climbed earlier to find the overlook. There were some sweet and intimate photos we took here before checking the time and realizing we needed to start heading back down. Once we made our way back to the bridge we got some shots on the stairway next to the bridge as well as on the bridge. The shuttle had come and opted to grab one more set to the right of the bridge. It was getting dark so the lights on the castle were lit and it gave a darker tone to the images. As the shuttle arrived we were grabbing our last shots with the steins and we ran over to catch it up.

If you’re stationed here in the Kaiserslautern/Ramstein area and would like some Eltz Castle couples photos we’d love to talk with you. Shoot us a message and let’s talk details and schedule! If you have another castle in mind we’re happy to adventure and explore new places as well!