Leah + Garrett

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

During Rachel’s travel contract in Boston we got the opportunity to talk with Leah and Garrett. We got into contract together and began to plan out their Philadelphia engagement session. After driving down to Philadelphia from Boston to get their engagement session we were so excited to come back for their wedding. Returning for their Philadelphia wedding photography was such an honor and it was a long weekend ahead of us.

At the time of their wedding, Rachel was under contract with a hospital in San Diego. We had been flying out to weddings all summer but this one was going to be our first double header. We flew in and stayed in an Airbnb in Washington D.C. and took a bus up to Philadelphia the morning of their wedding. It was an early bus ride and a long ride so we slept on the way. We connected to their hotel where they were getting ready through grabbing another city bus. We got there and they were getting their makeup ready.

Rachel stayed with the bridesmaids as they got ready for the day with makeup and hair. I went down a floor and connected with Garret and the boys as they got ready. They were all quick to get ready be ready for the day before Garrett’s mom joined us for a few photos. I went back upstairs and joined the bridesmaids as Leah put the wedding dress on. Once they were all ready we boarded the party shuttle they had for us on the way to the wedding venue. The St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in Philadelphia was a beautiful venue for their wedding day.


The ceremony was beautiful and contained all of the traditional Catholic elements. During the ceremony I explored the church and found my way up to some higher levels for some photos. They had communion, candle lighting, reading of passages from the Bible and more. 

Once the ceremony was complete and they were husband and wife they greeted their guests at the back of the church. After talking with friends and family who had come they had a quick glass of champagne before we were off for some photos. They had an awesome list of places to go to for photos and their shuttle took us everywhere in the humid Philadelphia summer heat.


The first stop was under an overpass near their home that we had finished at for their engagement photos. After a few quick photos we went over to a walkway near their house that we had gotten pictures at before as well. We quickly went out to the venter of it and grabbed some photos with the church in the background. With those photos captured we went over by the river and found some steps and a nice overlook for some more photos. We had one more stop before the reception venue and it was at the Rocky statue. 

The people standing in line let us cut in front and get pictures with the bridal party before we made our way up the iconic stairs. There were some fun photos to be taken here with both the bridal party and with them as a couple. With all the photos on their idea list captured we made our way over to the reception.


They had a little bit left to do at the reception venue before guests arrived and we were happy to rest for a moment. Cocktail hour started in the building next to the reception hall and it was a fun little library feel where they had hors de voirs and cocktails. Once the reception area and food was ready to go they introduced them in the reception hall.

After they walked in they had their first dance and then had a seat. Toasts from their bridal party followed and then dinner was served! Following toasts we all went outside for some fun with sparklers. They wanted some fun group shots with sparklers and their guests and we were happy to capture these moments.


We all piled back inside for their cake cutting and some fun dancing as the night closed up! We had to promptly leave at the end of the reception as we were off to our next wedding in Boston the next day. We took an Uber over to the train station and took an overnight train to Boston to shoot with Michael + Diana.

If you’re in Philadelphia or anywhere in Pennsylvania we’d love to be considered for your Philadelphia wedding photography needs! Shoot us a message and lets talk details – cheers!