Kaitlin + Jonathan

Baltimore, Maryland

When we first decided on coming to Boston for our next destination we immediately started advertising for our services in the area and Kaitlin reached out to us hopeful that we’d be able to come down and provide our military wedding photography services to them for their upcoming wedding. A week after we arrived here in Boston, we were on the road down to Baltimore, MD to shoot their wedding and celebrate their union (we also packed in a family and engagement session on this trip).

We found a nice AirBnb to stay at that took care of the pups while we went and shot with them for their military wedding photography most of the day and when we arrived we jumped right into getting pictures of both the bride and groom getting ready. The house they were at was beautiful and provided some great photo opportunities in the back sun room. After grabbing shots of them getting ready we all ran over to the venue, Cafe Bretton, and watched as they vowed to love one another through good times and bad. It was a very hot day and after the ceremony we were all sweating so we opted to go inside first and get everyone cooled down before moving into family and bridal party shots.


The venue was a quaint little restaurant (which served as both ceremony and reception locations) and had some tasty food for all the guests. After some time we ventured back outside to grab photos with the family and then the bridal party. We then stole the bride and groom for a little longer and took photos in the trellised area behind the ceremony location where we got some of our favorite shots from our time with them. After that we went back inside and enjoyed dancing, toasts and an all around good time.


We loved our time with the French and Pleffner families and we love every opportunity we have to travel and explore new venues, states and cities. We’d love to be invited back to Baltimore or any other location in the world and work with men and women of the armed forces; Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, etc. for your military wedding photography needs.