Julie + Yafet

Black Forest, Germany

To explain our journey leading to this Black Forest engagement photography session we need to give a little back history. We knew arriving here would be an adjustment to our lifestyle. While living in the US we bounced around every 3 months to different cities, we did that for over 2 years. We had a few select friends we’d see when we went to certain cities or returned home. It was always hard making friends in a short amount of time and create something long lasting (we definitely made some great lifetime friends during out traveling in the US from coast to coast).

We had our dear friend Kalia here who had helped with getting Rachel the job and we love her. We knew we wanted to build community and have friends that we could hang out with, go to events with, drink and play games with, etc. One night when we were out to a Christmas celebration for Rachel’s NICU unit at a restaurant we got to meet Julie and Yafet. We all immediately clicked and knew we wanted to get together more!


After getting to hang out with them more and more we’ve gotten close quickly with them and love spending time with them, they’ve become family. We’ve done Christmas markets (I actually spent Christmas with them when Rachel had to go in to work), we’ve met Julie’s family when they were in town, they’ve partied with us and there’s already been a number of days where we’re nursing hangovers together (and many more to come).

They have their wedding scheduled later this year in Puerto Rico, where Yafet is from. We were invited along and we desperately wish we could make it but we have something big happening during that timeframe as well. What we could do is get some Black Forest engagement photography with them here locally in Germany. We’ve gotten to do some fun city family photos and couples castle photos here so far at 


Julie and I got to searching local areas and she wanted something showcasing the beautiful landscapes and outdoor areas here for some Black Forest engagement photography. Through some combing and looking through options we finally settled on a destination – the morning of (hah)! We were going to drive south into the Black Forest region of Germany to capture some fun snow couples photos (although when we set out we had no idea it was going to be snowing). 

As we got closer it got colder and we started to rise in elevation. It started to rain and that quickly turned to snow. Determined to make it to Mummelsee Lake we pushed forward despite beginning to lose traction on the road in areas. The hazards were thrown on as cars with front wheel/all wheel drive plowed past us. Eventually we listened to Julie as she kept saying we should stop and turn around. Yafet through it in reverse and went down the snowy hill, backwards (it was a narrow road so there was really nowhere to safely turn around).


There was a small pullout that I spotted and suggested we stop there to maybe grab some pictures in the area since we were already here. They pulled off and I went to scout the area to see what there was. It was a lot of forest with a road cutting through it and a light dusting of snow. So I set out to find some rocks (I had recently gotten a portable softbox and needed some counterweight) and searched the creek for some rocks. I ended up stepping into a very soft spot in the creek and sunk in up to my knees. We were off to a great start, haha.

Once I had gotten everything ready I had them come out of the car and we got started. There was a little creek running down the side of the mountain and we grabbed some quick photos there before heading up the hill a little bit. Once I got set, a cold front moved in bringing wind and snow. It sucked to stand there in and get pelted in the face with it but the photos came out beautifully with the snow swirling all around them.

I took us into a little open patch within an area of trees for the next spot as the snow and wind calmed down. The sun even started to try to come out for a minute and we could see the valley below us, for a brief moment. After that we came down off the side of the hill and I found a few more spots a little further down the road I wanted shots with. The clouds were moving in over the trees creating a beautiful scene and just as I got them set the trees disappeared. We went with it anyway as the snow started to come in again and the shots came out beautiful. 

As the snow stopped again and the snow plows cleared the roads a little we decided to try to get up the mountain to Mummelsee Lake again. As we made our way it started to snow again and we started to slip and slide. So we put it in reverse again and backed down the mountain to another spot I had seen on the way up this time. 

This was our final spot as we walked around through the slush and mud. I found a few spots that were good to shoot in with some beautiful foliage around and then we called it a day. I had a great time adventuring with them and even though we didn’t make it to our final destination we still were able to get beautiful Germany engagement photos!