Jessy + Esteban

Cannon Beach, Oregon

When we had an assignment in the Seattle area we had began to post in all the surrounding areas and after visiting Cannon Beach we knew we really wanted to do some photos in the area so we tried to target the area. Jessy and Esteban reached out to us through our advertising and wanted us for their engagement and wedding photography needs as they entered into their next season of life. Any reason to drive down to Cannon Beach to do an engagement session we were game for and any reason to come back was an extra bonus!

After our assignment in Seattle we headed east and were located in Boston for the time of their Cannon Beach wedding photography needs and I flew out from Boston the day before their wedding and took the Greyhound bus in to Cannon Beach from Seattle to capture their special day together. One of their friends had graciously agreed to do their wedding video and even more gracious was his willingness to pick me up at the bus stop and let me ride around to the different locations with him – one step further he even let me crash at his place that night as I hadn’t booked a hotel (thank you and huge shout out to Jeff).


The weather called for rain on the day of their wedding and throughout the day there was light showering. I had brought my clear umbrella with me just in case and for the most part it wasn’t really needed as the rain held off for the outdoor portions and came on a little heavier for the indoor portions and after the wedding had concluded. It was a fun and crazy weekend traveling from coast to coast to capture their beautiful Cannon Beach wedding photography and their love for one another was beautiful to witness.


Cannon Beach is a beautiful location and we’d love the opportunity to come back and shoot a wedding at the beach. If you’re planning on needing some Cannon Beach wedding photography and would like some beach wedding photos we’d love to talk with you and come back and provide you with beautiful images of your special day!