Jessie + Devon

Mürren, Switzerland

Living here in Europe we knew we wanted to explore the beautiful continent. Getting able to grab some Mürren couples photography was definitely a bonus we weren’t expecting. After living here in Germany after a few months Rachel and I went to Disneyland where I proposed. Shortly after we had made a post looking for a photographer who would trade pictures with us in Mürren, Switzerlnd. Jessie and Devon live here locally with us in the Kaiserslautern area and agreed to meet us there and do photos together. 

Rachel and I set out the day before to drive down into Switzerland. We wanted to have some time for ourselves the day before and scope out the area. After some food and drinks we began to look around at ideas for Mürren couples photography session.


Driving down from Kindsbach, DE we passed through France and then into Switzerland. We knew we’d have to get the sticker to pay for the tolls and thought we’d have to stop in at a gas station to get it. As it turns out you go through a checkpoint once you enter the country and are able to purchase there.

We drove toward Lauterbrunnen and then into Stechelberg where we took a cableway up. On the way up to Gimmelwald, the first stop on the cableway, we had a newborn calf join us. The calf definitely made the car stink up but it was the center of attention. We hoped on the next cableway up to Mürren and took in the views all around. Once we made it to Mürren we made our way to our hotel, Hotel Alpine, to get settled and unload our stuff.


Once we were unpacked and ready we set out to explore the village. With no cars the streets were covered in snow and the skiers rode in off the mountain down the streets. In most cases they could ski right to their hotel, we loved it. After exploring some we found a little cable car/gondola that they had converted into a small bar. We grabbed some Jagertee and sat outside to take in the views. After a while of entertaining ourselves we found dinner and called it a night. 

The next morning we had ourselves a traditional Swiss breakfast and got ready. We walked down to where the cableway dropped off people and met with Jessie and Devon. As we walked back to the hotel we talked and got to know one another. Once back to the hotel we did a quick wardrobe change into our formal wear and snuck in a few shots to ward off the cold.


To start our Mürren couples photography session off we both started with formal wear. The men had suits and the girls had dresses they brought along and traded as we went. The sun came through and we even had some blue skies briefly for our first set. We all went back inside to change clothes and review the photos. After we discussed and looked through photos we grabbed a few more shots to keep us warm and went back outside. 

Through a miscommunication we had left our wider angled lenses at home. Thankfully Jessie was a Canon user and had some lenses she allowed us to borrow for some shots. We’ve been eyeing some wider angled lenses and this was a great opportunity to try some out that she had (thanks Jessie!). Happy with the shots we got at the first spot we made our way higher up the mountain to a forested area. 

In this spot we did some more formal shots, trading back and forth. Once we were all satisfied with the shots we’d gotten we did a switch over to some more casual wear. We had known we wanted more casual shots and some snow fight photos as well. With the clouds returned and the wind blowing we were slightly reluctant but jumped into a snow fight. 

There were a lot of fun action shots mixed in with snow flying everywhere. Happy with the Mürren couples photography we’d captured we all agreed it was time to call it a day and begin the voyage home. On the way home it rained pretty regularly throughout the drive.

We love adventuring to new places and meeting new friends. If you’re in Europe or planning a trip to a country in Europe let us know! We’d love to talk through the details of meeting with you and capturing some fun adventure photos together!