Ilham + Corey

Cincinnati, Ohio

Planning for our next contract, we started to put out feelers through different avenues for business.  We knew we’d need to try new methods to generate some business while we were in Dayton, OH. Ilham contacted us looking for someone to do some wedding photography with her and her fiancé, Corey. After conversation we partnered with them to provide our services for their Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter Wedding Photography needs. After a change of venue we agreed to get pictures with them at the Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter.

When we arrived at the Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter we made our way upstairs and came into the main lobby area where they host the world’s largest indoor gazebo. We didn’t know that fun fact until we were leaving and had a chance to talk to staff but we definitely did our best to include it in our photos with them. They began in the restaurant portion of the Marriott Hotel with the ceremony portion where both sides of the family gathered around and the leader of a local mosque walked them through the process. It was a new experience for us witnessing a Moroccan wedding and how the Muslim faith goes through the ceremony.


Once the ceremony was complete and and they placed their orders we stole them away for some couple’s portraits. We began our Cincinnati Wedding Photography experience in the lobby under the world’s largest indoor gazebo. There was a little lounge area next where we were able to grab some fun shots with just the two of them. After that we moved them over and put them in the glass elevator for some pictures. On our way back down we were greeted by the hotel’s management offering us use of a room for pictures.

Opening the balcony door in the room they provided gave us a beautiful view of Cincinnati across the Ohio River. The Cincinnati Wedding Photography session concluded with some photos with all of the family together. It was a great experience getting to witness their union and learn about the Muslim ceremony. We had a great time with them all around and getting to know them!


If you’ve been checking out Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter Wedding Photography, we’d love to hear from. We’d love partner together with you to provide you with beautiful photos for your special day. It doesn’t matter your faith, we respect everyone we work with and love learning about new customs, religions and cultures. We’d love to hear from you and how we can partner with you for your wedding day!