Holly + Diego

Amsterdam, Netherlands

After Rachel and I had spent a few days touring around London our wandering lead us to Amsterdam. We knew we’d have a couple of days there and thought it would be fun to do a session while there. I joined an expat group and posted that we were looking for people to shoot with. Holly got in touch and it worked out perfectly for us to shoot together.

Holly and Diego were the perfect match for our Amsterdam couples photography session. The day of the shoot was their one year anniversary so it was really great to be able to celebrate with them. Holly left the comforts of the US and met Diego in Spain the year before. After getting married they decided they wanted to transfer to and live in Amsterdam.


We met up with a fellow travel nurse while in Amsterdam, Kalia, so when I met with Holly and Diego Rachel and Kalia went to a local cafe. The three of us started off by getting to know each other and grabbing some quick photos. There was a bridge over a canal right next to where we started and it seemed like a fitting start. 

Amsterdam is home to 165 canals and has even more canals than Venice, Italy. It’s a maze of canals and bridges and it’s very easy to get turned around with so many different canals. Once we were under way we continued down the side of one canal. There was a beautiful red building that we got some beautiful Amsterdam couples photography in front of.

They were such a fun couple to watch and interact with. Their love was contagious and they had a giddiness about them that was so fun to observe. After grabbing a few more options there we continued to walk and get to know each other more. We came to a roadway with strings of lights overhead. After getting a few shots here we continued to another bridge over a canal.


These two were so great to work with and Amsterdam is such a beautiful city. The sun was setting just perfectly through the city blocks and these two radiated love. Once we had gotten a few more on that bridge, Holly lead us to a bridge she had in mind that was gorgeous.

On the way to the bridge there were some storefronts that we stopped in front of for some more photos. They weren’t afraid to show love and pose in front of total strangers as they walked by.

We spent a good amount of time on the bridge over the canal playing with different poses. Diego picked her up as they kissed and then they had intimate moments standing near each other. There was a bike mixed in and we borrowed one quickly for a few shots.


Apparently in Amsterdam it’s kind of like a right of passage to throw bikes into the canal. Every year in Amsterdam they remove between 12,000 and 15,000 bikes that have been thrown in. In the city that has more bikes than people it wasn’t a surprise to be able to find one to use. From there we tried some different angles for this Amsterdam couples photography session.

The flowers adorning the bridge made for some beautiful pops of color and we were happy to include those as much as we could. Then we walked down the side of the canal and got some near the edge of the water. There was a group of people sitting in their boat eating and drinking and they invited me on to the boat in order to get a better angle. People in Amsterdam were typically very friendly and we loved it there.

Feeling like we’d gotten some really great photos we began back to where we started. With some time left and the sun still spilling through in spots we continued to grab some more photos. I had them sit on the side of another canal walkway and grabbed more photos as boats passed by.


As we continued I saw light pouring through the trees and I stopped them to get some more photos. I had Diego spin Holly around and dance in the sunlight and it made for some beautiful images. With the sun disappearing we grabbed just a few more shots before calling it a day.

We’re so glad to have met Holly and Diego and we loved getting to work with them. They’re such a beautiful and delightful couple inside and out and we’re looking forward to connecting with them again somewhere in the world.

If you’re in Amsterdam looking for some Amsterdam couples photography we’d be happy to discuss working together. We travel frequently and would love to schedule some time with you next time we’re in Amsterdam. Shoot us a message and lets talk about what you have in mind and when we’ll be back next!