Hannah + Nick

Alfred, Maine

While living in the Boston area we were always on the lookout for potential clients and came across a craigslist ad. Hannah’s mom had put out a craigslist ad looking for photographers for her daughter’s Maine wedding photography and we shot over a quick hello. After some discussion and getting to talk some with Hannah they booked us for their beautiful day together! Rachel and I at that point hadn’t been up to Maine but we were excited to see their family property and to shoot with them.

At the time of their wedding, Rachel and I were in San Diego for a travel contract and so we flew from San Diego up to Portland, Maine. We arrived and got a rental car to make our way over to Alfred, ME. The night before we went into Portland and had a delicious lobster dinner – highly recommend. After our dinner we drove back to our airbnb in Alfred and crashed before the big day.

Driving to the family home we realized it was going to be such a beautiful country setting. As we arrived we began to look around and met Susan, Hannah’s mom. She was so happy to see us and began to show us around their property. Then she took us up and introduced us to Hannah as she was getting ready. We knew looking around and hearing the order of operations it was going to make for some gorgeous Maine wedding photography.


Hannah got into her dress and we got some beautiful pictures in her parent’s room as she got bustled. After getting bustled she sat and put on her shoes and we were ready to go! We took Hannah and her bridesmaids out back and began to get some of their formal bridal party shots done. As we finished the buses began to show up with their wedding guests so we quickly got them back inside.

Once inside we went over and introduced ourselves to Nick who were in the workshop. They were gathered around sharing a few beers and we stole Nick for some photos. The light was coming in beautifully in the entrance to the workshop so we posed him there for some photos. Then we gathered in all of the groomsmen and got some group shots with them all together.

At this time the guests had arrived and were gathered in the shade to stay cool – it was time for the ceremony. For this wedding they were merging elements of both a Catholic and Jewish wedding so they had both a Jewish Rabi and a Catholic Priest. As Hannah came down the aisle Nick’s eye filled with tears and it was such a beautiful moment. As they progressed through the ceremony they blended important religious elements to each of them. Hannah’s Jewish traditions brought in the huppah, ketubah and smashing of the glass. Nick’s Catholic traditions brought in the unity candle. As the ceremony ended they came back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. to a shower of bird seed.


At this point the guests were release to cocktail hour and we began our formal photos with family. We began photos in front of the house and then moved to the field behind the house to finish. The bridal party photos were next before we stole Hannah and Nick away for some photos.Hannah knew of a bridge on/near their property so we walked down the road to it. We stopped a few places and then I crawled down to the creek to grab some fun photos with them. Once complete there we took them back to the reception for their first dance.

Their barn had been equipped with a draft beer station and the freshly made food was brought out to the tables. The meal was delicious and as the bride and after the toasts we stole them away for some beautiful Maine wedding photography. The sun was beginning to set just right over the hills in their backyard so we took advantage of the beautiful lighting. We sat them on a hill and the setting did the rest, they were beautiful.


After that we walked down the main road and grabbed some shots with the barn in the background as the sun set. With some great photos we released them back to the reception where it was time to cut the cake.After the cake cutting they had their first dances with parents as the sun began to fade. Once the sun had disappeared the dancing began and their guests crowded the dance floor. As the dancing went on the friends and family lifted the bride and groom for the Hora. Shortly after they lifted both sets of parents into the air as well.

With the night and the dancing well under way we stole the bride and groom away again. They had set up some lights in the barn and we knew we had wanted some photos in their. We set them up for some beautiful Maine wedding photography poses and they did the rest.


Once we were done with those photos they walked out and began to light lanterns. They released glowing lanterns into the night sky one by one and it was simply magical. The Dj had a beautiful song playing and we were all aglow watching them take flight. Rachel and I were almost in tears several times as it was such a beautiful moment to behold and capture.

To close the night off they had some sparklers that they quickly lit. It was such a beautiful way to end the evening! Their guests began to load into buses back to the hotel while others had opted to bring a tent and camp in the backyard. We are so very thankful to have been invited and entrusted with their Maine wedding photography and we feel we’ve made friends for life with them and their family. We wish them all the very best and look forward to reuniting in Maine!