Garrett + Leah

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We began conversation with Leah back when we were still in Seattle and trying to plan out our next location – we knew we wanted to be somewhere on the east coast for the fall and were really hoping for Boston but just in case, we advertised in some of the major cities over there. We’d just started advertising and Leah reached out to inquire about having us be there engagement/wedding photographer and we were delighted to begin that conversation. Fast forward to November and it worked out schedule wise after they booked us for me to drive down to Philadelphia from Boston to do their Longwood Gardens engagement photography session. This was the beginning of a very long weekend of photo sessions as I started at Kings Dining & Entertainment on Friday night working 7 pm – 1 am and then jumped on the road and to drive through the night to meet with them at 10 am to shoot their Longwood Gardens engagement photography session.

Getting to work with these two was a real pleasure, they are just so happy together and their love shines through their interactions with one another and the way they interact with others. There were so many moments of pure joy and I really enjoyed getting to meet them and spend time with them. They wanted to start at Longwood Gardens and when we arrived it was drizzling off and on but luckily Leah had been watching the forecast and we all came prepared for it! Longwood Gardens is a beautiful venue and I loved getting to walk around with them and see the park and capture some beautiful images with them for their Longwood Gardens engagement photography session. We’d stop at different locations throughout; some by a lake, some in a treehouse, some in the conservatory and some in front of a castle.


Near the end the rain started to pick up and we utilized our umbrellas a little more and made the best of it getting some backlit umbrella rain shots with them. When we felt we’d gotten all the shots we could get there we decided to head back to their home where we grabbed their pups and went out in the rain for a short walk grabbing a few of the 4 of them.


Getting the opportunity to shoot from coast to coast we love being able to explore fun and unique locations and capturing beautiful photography wherever we can. We’d love to capture your Longwood Gardens engagement photography, or any other for that matter, or in any fun and unique places that have importance to you that can be found near you. Contact us and lets talk details of shooting together at your unique destination!