Gable Family

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

With a fair amount of activity on Facebook and showcasing some work we got interest for sessions here in Germany. Barbara and her family were new to the area and are here for only 6 months. Their itinerary consisted of a lot of places to visit within their 6 month stay. She came over to our Facebook page and shot us a message about doing photos together. Barbara was wanting some Christmas photos and wanted a beautiful European setting. After some conversation we opted for Rothenburg ob der Tauber family photos.

They had gone and stayed the night there before the day of the shoot and we met them there. We arrived several hours early to explore the city and find good locations for photos. It’s quite a large area within the walls and even with a lot of the stores not being open on a Sunday there was still a lot to see and do. After lunch in the city, Rachel and I explored one last section before meeting up with the Gable family.


We met in the center of the city where they had just erected the town’s Christmas tree at the Marktplatz. For our first shots together we wanted to get some in front of the Markusturm u. Röderbogen. The Romantik Hotel Markusturm next door was beautiful and had all the traditional feels of a timbered house in Germany. It was a busy intersection so we had to wait a little to block out or catch a moment without people.

From there we made our way back to the Marktplatz and went north. I had gotten a shot with Rachel earlier with the St Jakobskirche in the background that I wanted to reproduce. It was in front of the Lotus China-Restaurant and it was a beautiful little spot. Not too busy and still had some German village feels to it. After some conversation with Terry we found out he works on the F-15’s that they fly out of the Barnes base where we did the F-15 fighter pilot family photos.


From this location we went back to Marktplatz and got some photos with Barbara and the girls. There were some beautiful fall colors at the Burggarten that we had seen earlier so we started down that direction. On our way over to that location we say an alleyway that caught our eye. We stopped and had everyone get into the roadway and walk holding hands. It was a beautiful cobblestone road (as most of the roads in the city are) with the St Jakobskirche in the background again. We were getting great shots until someone decided they wanted to park in the middle of the street and block us. 

Happy with the photos there we continued on toward the Burggarten. Along the way we made a few stops for some photos. First was to get the Burgturm und Stadttor (castle tower and gate) before having a seat on the wall with the city in the background. We made our way from there toward to Burggarten and stopped in front of the Brokkolibrunnen for some more photos. Once we were there we had to wait a minute for it to clear. The spot I really wanted had some people so while we waited I grabbed shots of the girls individually. These two were so full of laughter and smiles – they were a blast to photograph.

Once the spot had cleared I had them collect some leaves that had fallen. On the count of three they tossed the leaves into the air with smiles all around. After that we had them have a little leaf fight throwing leaves at one another. It was a cold day so we cut the session time in half. They had offered some suggestions for us so Rachel and I stuck around the city to explore.

It was such a pleasure getting to meet the Gable family and get these photos with them. These Rothernburg ob der Tauber family photos with them were fun to capture and we loved this city. The rich history, the timbered houses and the remnants of the medieval times. We’re happy to meet there for family photos or any other fun German village in the area. Shoot us a message and let’s talk details!