F-15 Fighter Pilots

Westfield, Massachusetts

While living in the Boston area we were constantly reaching out to people looking for sessions to do with our secondary brand. One message we sent out was to a fashion blogger in the Boston area, Katie McGowen. We had initially talked about a fashion session and initial conversations didn’t sound like it would be a good fit. After some further conversation and us stating we do other styles of sessions she came back with an idea to have us come on base to do some F-15 fighter pilot family mini session photos.

There was obviously a lot of logistical issues to work through with going onto an active military base and sitting on an F-15. Katie organized everything and worked through all the red tape – she is AWESOME. After some conversation we decided to have 2 days for shoots so more families could make it in. The first day Rachel and I went in and met with Katie and her daughter Savannah before her husband “Boom” arrived. They gave us the rundown and we immediately felt like friends with them, they’re an amazing couple. 


Anytime we were on base we had to have a military escort with us for security reasons. There were security things with taking photos as well that we got the rundown on as well. At one point we got to sit inside the cockpit of the F-15 and have one of the pilots tell us what everything did – those planes are pretty awesome and the pilots that fly them are incredible.

Family after family showed up to the hanger where they had selected an F-15 for us to use. We had a little help as well as we wheeled around the portable stairs to get the right angles for shots – it was quite a production. It was such an honor and privilege to be first of all invited on base and secondly to be able to meet these pilots and their families. They were all incredibly down to earth and it was fun to get to know each of them and their families.


For each family and couple we tried to mix things up a little, running through some good known poses and trying out new ones as we went. For these F-15 Fight Pilot family photos we had nearly every family get up on top of the fighters and pose for some shots on top. A lot of the photos were in front of the fighter, on top of it, behind it and even underneath it. We have an incredible amount of respect for the men and women who serve our country and we were honored to be able to capture these memories with them. 

Thank you to Katie McGowen, check out her fashion and lifestyle blog and give her a follow! Special thank you to all the pilots and their families who serve our country, it was a privilege to meet all of you!