Esteban + Jessy

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Witnessing Jessy and Esteban’s love for one another is such a beautiful thing; it’s full of life, laughter and joy with a touch of sweetness to everything. We’d gotten to see Cannon Beach on our trip here from Colorado and we were so excited to be welcomed back to help capture some beautiful sunset beach engagement photography with Jessy and Esteban. We ended up making a little trip out of it and stayed in the Cannon Beach area a few days, it’s really a beautiful beach and a beautiful stretch of the Oregon coast.

Walking the beach with these two for their beach engagement photography session you could tell they were in love, even if you didn’t know them. We started just north of Haystack Rock and just made our way up the coastline into a rocky area. As the tide came in it made for a perfect romantic setting as they walked together hand in hand. We posed them together on the rocks embracing, kissing and loving one another and then made our way back up the shoreline. They laughed and giggled and splashed water on one another as we made our way back. From there they knew of a more private beach we could shoot on and finish the beach engagement photography session with. We drove through to the beach trail head and walked our way down.


This path and the private beach we were heading to I learned was where they went on their first date together so it seemed kind of fitting to have some photos of them together announcing their next stage in life together. As we made out way down through the tree line the sun beamed through the trees in a spectacular fashion and as we emerged from the trees the sun was setting perfectly on the horizon. I found a beautiful beach log for them to sit on to grab some photos and then had them run down to the shoreline for pictures as the sun set. This beach engagement photography session was a beautiful experience and I’m so excited to return here this October for their wedding photos!


This is by far one of the most beautiful beaches you can find in the Pacific North West area, that we’ve found. With Haystack Rock emerging from the ocean and long stretches of beautiful beach, it’s ideal for some beautiful photography and we’d love to be invited back anytime to shoot here again!