Brett + Elizabeth

Washington, D.C.

Having already booked a wedding photographer, Elizabeth and Brett were in need of some engagement photos to help announce their upcoming wedding and mark this momentous season together. We drove down from Boston to meet up with them (to shoot a wedding and family session as well) for their National Harbor engagement photography session where we got to spend some time with them reliving the location of their first date.

They knew the owners of a local restaurant, The Walrus Oyster & Ale House, which happened to be the location of their first date together and we were given full reign to do photos all around the restaurant with them. We started at the bar with them being close and loving while they sipped on cocktails and began to move around to different seating arrangements and locations within the restaurant (which was a beautiful venue).


After shooting inside with them we worked our way outside t continue their National Harbor engagement photography session and got one of our favorite shots with them against The Walrus Oyster & Ale House’s sign. From there we wandered around the National Harbor area which was busy with an outdoor movie occurring and a sporting event on as well. There was a pier close by that we walked down and grabbed more fun photos together before wandering down the shoreline and grabbing more photos with them on a bench and on the rocks that lined the shore.

They brought along their mother and puppy as well and we inserted them in various shots throughout the session. It was a lovely experience with them and their National Harbor engagement photography session and we’re thankful to have met them and worked with them.


We love traveling to new locations and exploring local venues – we’d love to come visit you and grab photos at your favorite venues or where you had your first date. If you’re looking to have a National Harbor engagement photography session of your own or at a well known location near you, shoot us a message and tell us your story. We’d love to learn how we can partner with you to provide beautiful and memorable engagement photography.