Eddie + Miranda

San Diego, California

Our summer was so packed with traveling all over for weddings and our European adventures. With the schedule being so busy we didn’t have a ton of time to explore San Diego while there or do many sessions. Eddie shot us a message through our website and began conversation with us via our chat system.

Miranda and Eddie had been dating for some time and Eddie was planning to propose to her! We were excited at the notion of a San Diego proposal photography session with them. Eddie would return to our website and talk to us through chat so there wasn’t emails or messages that could be seen and give away the surprise. He’d come back and talk details and as we got it all dialed in we were all very excited.


Seaport Village was the place Eddie had chosen to propose to Miranda at sunset. It’s such a beautiful location and has piers and Navy ships located all around. As the sun began to set it created a beautiful setting for the San Diego proposal.

I hadn’t met either of them so Eddie and I mapped out a course he would be walking. I had camped in a certain spot and waited for them to cross my path. As time went by and it was past the time I was supposed to see them I moved locations to find them. They were already out on the pier and had altered course but I found them near the end of it.


Once I saw them at the end of the pier I wanted to confirm it was them before committing to following them. I walked out to the end of the pier and came upon them having conversation with some people nearby. They were laughing and talking with them and I snuck a few shots. After I confirmed it was them I hustled back to where I could grab shots without being noticed.

They stopped on the way off the pier to help another couple grab a photo. They made sure the picture was good before continuing on their walk along the water. I made sure to walk ahead of them and stay out of site while capturing a few photos. I got to the point where Eddie had said he wanted to propose and settled in.


They sat together for a moment and talked while the sun began to set. They kissed and smiled at one another and in the blink of an eye Eddie was down on one knee. Those gathered around began to cheer and clap for them. She was ecstatic with joy and after a yes grabbed him and held him tightly and kissed him. They talked with one another sharing their joy for several moments as those nearby watched with smiles.

Eddie had arranged for both of their parents to be there and they came over filled with joy. They all celebrated together, smiling and hugging celebrating this joyous occasion.We captured some photos together with family before they all began to head to dinner. I couldn’t just walk away after getting such great photos with them.

They’re such a beautiful couple and it was such a beautiful setting for this San Diego proposal photography session. That being the case I came back to them and asked them to grab a few more photos in the area. They happily agreed and we continued around the area grabbing more photos together.


We walked around the Seaport Village area finding different spots that were still lit for some photos together. The last stop for the San Diego proposal photography session was at the fountain in the center of the stores. With the session closing and their dinner plans approaching I congratulated them once more.


It was so much fun to follow them around for this San Diego proposal photography session. We had a blast together and we’re so thankful to have met this beautiful couple. If you’re in San Diego or any other location where you’re hoping to plan a proposal we’d love to work with you! Shoot us a message and let’s talk details!