Dayzawn Jackson

Denver, Colorado

When we were planning out our stay at home in Denver between Boston and Ohio, Rachel began to reach out to friends and let them know that we were going to be home for a few weeks and that we’d like to do some sessions while we were home. Tabitha initially got in touch with Rachel wanting to do some photos of her grandson and Rachel did such a great job with the photos that Tabitha wanted more photos done with her son who was graduating and wanting some Denver senior portraits. Senior portraits were still relatively new to us and we couldn’t have asked for a better first senior portrait session.

Dayzawn opted to have his Denver Senior Portraits take place at the same location that we had done the previous session with their family, Union Station. It’s a beautiful location right in the heart of Downtown Denver and it’s chalk full of beautiful backdrops for a session. We started off our session inside of Union Station and got a few good pictures before heading outside. They were in the middle of taking down all of the Christmas decorations so the interior was kind of a mess with cranes and people moving and taking things down/rearranging.


We walked over to the tracks and began to shoot at one of the center islands where we got some great shots of Dayzawn and we got a little more comfortable working with one another. From there we moved to some stairs and then tried for a brief moment to do some photos on the tracks (we talked with security there and they were staunchly against the idea) before moving back indoors. They had gotten the benches set back up and after a wardrobe change we did a few photos there inside on the benches before heading back outside. This time we went out into the Downtown area and started with some shots in front of a restaurant that had some lights hanging to provide some beautiful bokeh. Then we walked down the street and got some photos in the crosswalk with Union Station in the background.

After that we walked around a few blocks and stopped wherever we thought we had a good shot whether it was in front of a restaurant or in front of a parking garage. Senior portraits are still relatively new to us and we had a great time with Dayzawn as it went between a senior portrait session and a fashion session.


Denver is our home and we return there between assignments and we’d love to work with as many people as we can while we’re home. If you’re looking to have some senior portraits done in Denver we’d love to talk with you and set up a session! Contact us and let us know when you’d like to have the session done and we’ll work out schedule to work together.