Colton + Maddison

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colton got in touch with me and said he was planning on making a trip to Colorado Springs to propose to his girlfriend Maddison and began to ask questions about where to propose and our proposal photography. I’d been on a couple hikes in the area and offered a number of locations that would be suitable for their proposal. Colton was very interested in the Garden of the Gods area and I’d done a number of sessions there and knew the area well. On my last hikes there I had come across a beautiful location with a great overlook of the area and suggested it to Colton. He was all for it and so we put the plan in place that I would follow them through the park and capture him down on one knee for their Garden of the Gods proposal photography.

On the day of, they arrived and began wandering the park as normal tourists. I started behind them and then passed them up on the trails. Colton knew to look for me and followed me through the trails as I waited at certain points to make sure he came the right way. We reached the overlook and I began to get setup while people were walking around and taking pictures. Maddison had a feeling it was coming and didn’t want Colton to ask with all the people around so she wanted to go down the hill in front of us a little more so I had to quickly reposition as they moved down the hill. Colton got down on one knee and it was a beautiful moment with everyone clapping and celebrating with them. This moment from their Garden of the Gods proposal photography session will be one I’ll never forget as they were overcome with emotion and excitement.


From there we wandered around the rest of the Garden of the Gods area and did some engagement type pictures for the two of them so they could share their news. We had such a great time with them and wish them the best with their upcoming wedding in Texas!


If you’re planning to propose you’ll want a photographer there to capture that special moment and we’d love to be the ones that come with you and follow along to get the intimate moments. We’re always game to travel with and to you for your proposal and we’d love to talk details. If you’d like to talk about a Garden of the Gods proposal photography session, contact us and let’s collaborate together to get the best pictures of your proposal!