Casandra + Austin

Cleveland, Ohio

We tried extra hard to be involved with Casandra and Austin’s Cleveland wedding after getting to do their engagement photography. After the engagement session they were trying to figure out venues and dates that would work. We’re so thankful they picked a date we were available to come be apart of their wedding, we had such a blast. We flew in to Cincinnati from San Diego for their day of Cleveland wedding photography.

Rachel had taken a contract with Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH during the winter of 2017. While there we had listed all over Ohio for our services and that’s how we met Casandra and Austin. We arrived a few days early and drove up from Cleveland making stops along the way for a few sessions.

The day began at the Marriott Hotel in Cleveland where they had stayed and were getting ready. Austin greeted us and got us breakfast before we got underway for the day. Rachel and I walked with Casandra over to get her hair done and got some pictures at the salon. I walked back over to the hotel and got photos with Austin as he began to get ready while Rachel stayed with Casandra to get photos while she got ready.


Both sets of parents met them at their respective getting ready locations and then we all met at the harbor. They found a beautiful green grassy area where they had their first look. It’s always so fun when the bride and groom have an intimate moment before the day to see one another. After that we all walked over to the dock where they met and talked with their guests.

For their Cleveland wedding photography – the official ceremony pictures began on the boat, the Goodtime III. After everyone boarded the boat we all went up to the top deck where the ceremony took place. After some sorting and figuring out of things they began their ceremony. There were lots of smiles and even a few tears as they said “I do” to one another.

After the ceremony we all went down to the bottom deck where they had food and champagne. Once food was served the boat got under way and the celebration continued. Toasts were followed by the cake cutting where Austin planted some cake first in Casandra’s face. Near the end of the boat right Casandra and Austin went to the stern of the boat and popped a bottle of champagne together.


Once we were docked there was time for a big group photo in front of the boat and then we took bride, groom, bridal party and family over to the cursive “Cleveland” sign for photos – what Cleveland wedding photography what be complete without the cursive sign? We had a great time there and got photos with everyone before stealing the bride and groom away.

Once we had Casandra and Austin we went over to the old courthouse, the Cuyahoga County Courthouse. This building was such a remarkable and beautiful building and we’re so glad we got to stop here. We began outside on the steps where we got some beautiful photos with them before talking with security and getting inside.The halls and staircase of this building are stunning and these two beautiful people inside made for some amazing photos. After we finished there we took the bride and groom back to their hotel and snuck in a few more shots there. They were switching hotels so we took them over to the Ritz-Carlton hotel where they were staying for the evening.

Rachel and I sat at the bar and had some drinks, played some checkers and snacked while they got some alone time and changed. Once they were ready we went over to Lola Bistro on 4th street for dinner. The food was delicious and we had a great time getting to talk with and meet some of the family members over dinner. As we left we grabbed some photos outside with the beautiful lights hanging over 4th street.


Our night with them continued on as we took them over to the Punch Bowl Social where we joined them for drinks and continued celebrating. We wanted to stay later but had an early flight and a long drive back to Cincinnati for our flights. It was such a fun day with Casandra and Austin and we really consider them as friends after celebrating with them all day. We’re honored to have been apart of their day and are very thankful to them and their family. Most of all we cherish the relationships we built with these two and their families.

We’ve come to like the Cleveland area and we’d love to be invited back for any Cleveland wedding photography needs. If you’re planning a wedding in Cleveland we’d love to hear from you and talk through details! Please contact us with your dates and lets see if we can partner together for your special day! There are some beautiful locations around the Cleveland area and we loved getting to shoot at these spots. The Cuyahoga County Courthouse provided a stunning setting for these Cleveland wedding photography shots and 4th street was another favorite. If you’re looking for inspiration or if you haven’t yet booked a Cleveland wedding photographer, contact us and let’s talk!


We definitely understand that you have local options for your Cleveland wedding photography but we’d love to be considered. Flying back in to Cleveland can be arranged and we can work with any budget to make it work. If you love our work we’d love to be considered and we’d love to hear from you. Don’t let our distance scare you away or the fear of travel costs, we make it affordable and reasonable.

Our services go beyond just providing beautiful wedding photos for your day. We aim to enhance it and build long lasting relationships with those we work with. Casandra and Austin are definitely beautiful people inside and out and we count them as friends after spending a couple days with them. Some photographer’s show up and do their job but we we aim to celebrate with you and enhance your beautiful day! To talk more with us about your Cleveland wedding photography experience, shoot us a message – we’d love to hear from you!


If you’re military, whatever branch you may be – we’d love to talk through details with you. This beautiful couple both serve in our United States Air Force and we’re thankful for their service. It was truly such an honor to be able to serve them with our Cleveland wedding photography services. If you’re in search of an Air Force wedding photography provider feel free to contact us. Because of your service to our country we’d love to offer a discount for your photography needs!

We definitely honor and love working with our active duty and retired veterans. If you’ve served in any branch of our military we’d love to offer you our gratitude and in addition a discount as a thank you for your service. In addition to Air Force wedding photography, we do provide our services to every branch of our United States military.