Carter Newborn

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Poker is secretly a favorite pass time of mine and I’d gotten to know Aaron through a group of guys who got together monthly to play poker. One night he announced that they were pregnant again and that they’d love to have me come take photos of their newborn, I was of course honored to do so. In preparation I’d gone out and purchased a beautiful wood vinyl floor mat that is designed specifically for newborn sessions and was looking forward to using it with the Carter family.

A few days after Christmas we went over to the Carter family’s home to capture some images of their newborn and when I arrived they were great at helping me set everything up. It was the first time I’d done a more posed newborn session over lifestyle photos I’d done in the past with families having a newborn. We had to crank up the heat and setup all the lights, get the sound machine going and create the little bundle of basket and blankets for him to rest in while we took photos. It took a little bit of playing around with the lights to figure out how I wanted the lights to hit him to create those beautiful photos I’d seen people create but I finally got it and I think we produced some great images with them.


As per what I was told to expect, the fur blanket ended up with some bodily fluids on it and we found that the dry cleaner was our new friend! We also ended up doing some photos with him in a santa hat for his Christmas time birth that the family had specifically requested.


Getting to shoot with the Carter family was such a joy and we loved getting to capture their new bundle of joy. We’d love to come to your home and setup our lighting studio to get beautiful images of your precious newborn – contact us and we’ll setup a time that works into your schedule!