Austin + Marissa

Orlando, Florida

While living in Sacramento we got to connect with our good friend Heidi frequently. One day excursion we took together was to scoot over to Napa Valley and go to a bunch of vineyards in the area. Heidi had a friend in town who was also a travel nurse and had taken a permanent staff job in Florida. 

Throughout the day we got to know Marissa and became friends with her and wanted to stay connected. Fast forward a few months and we were scheduled to fly out to St. Augustine, FL to photograph a wedding and we shot a message over to Marissa to see if she wanted to do a session together while we were in town.


Through a few messages we worked our with Marissa to meet at the Mead Botanical Garden near Orlando, Florida to do a photoshoot with her boyfriend. They had been together for a bit and wanted to get some photos together while we were there. Little did any of us know that Austin planned for this to be the moment he proposed to Marissa. 

Our surprise proposal photography session with them started off meeting at the Mead Botanical Garden in the parking lot. They had driven in a few hours and when they arrived they needed a little bit to get ready and we took this time to get to know Austin and talk with them both. During these initial conversations while Marissa was changing Austin pulled me aside and asked if it would be okay if he proposed during the session. My response was an elated “OF COURSE!” which added a level of excitement to the whole shoot.


He wanted to make sure since we had just a couple’s session in mind that it would be okay if he popped the question. With no qualms on our end we set out to explore the botanical garden together. The botanical garden was beautiful and displayed some of the marsh type landscapes we had expected to find in Florida. 

Our first stop was next to a pond where we got some cute photos of them together and started to get more comfortable. We worked around the little pond and found a beautiful area where there was moss hanging from the trees. We shot here for a little as it was beautiful and continued on to the other side of the garden.


We found a wooden pathway that went over some of the more swamplike terrain and grabbed some photos of them here. We wandered around a little more and found a spot next to a creek that was a little more private and got some photos here before Austin and I shared a look where we knew this would be the spot. 

He held Marissa close and they had some words together (we were further away to give them a little intimacy for the moment) and he dropped to one knee after a quick kiss. With pure joy and excitement Marissa covered her mouth in astonishment and replied with an elated “yes”. 

With the cat out of the bag we were all finally able to talk about it and Austin could let out a sigh of relief. He’d pulled it off and gotten her totally by surprise! We joined them for dinner before heading to the airport. It was such a awesome privilege to be trusted to grab this special moment with them and we can’t wait to join them for their wedding in April of 2020 a fun filled cruise with them immediately after the wedding.